The swiss do not agree: skip the auto show of Geneva 2021?

The Geneva motor show jumped to the last couple of months ago and it was good for the health situation, but the management of the GIMS, is now “gone”. The swiss have confirmed that for issues of financial damage and the absence of interest of course, or better programming with certain numbers and sustainable, even for the 2021 no the auto show.

At least so it seems now. The pandemic has razed to the ground balance and the given situation for granted, perhaps never to return as before. The Foundation speaks of surrendering the GIMS at the Palexpo SA, in the interests of 2022. Nothing in fact can be planned with certainty on the large scale of the Hall, in his capacity as the classic. However, something different might be there, why not? Those present were also phases of negotiation, between the Foundation and Authorities above that needed to finance certain terms.

The agreement has not been there, despite the more than 15 million swiss francs put into the dance. The manufacturers of fit, but Canton certainly feel the weight of absence, having regard to the led that led to the living room. We feel, however, certainly still speak of an auto show, international, though, is to understand what, where and when. In Geneva, someone will try again, ridimensionandosi in view of the 2022.