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Finally it is time to mark in your calendar the times of the first GP of the season 2020 of Formula 1: in a few days, the motors will re-emerge at the Red Bull Ring for the Grand Prix of Austria, inaugural event of the world. After a forced break of months, the time has come to better understand the values in the field, on a track that, with its 4,318 km, is among the shortest in the league. Nestled among the picturesque mountains of Styria, the was the A1-Ring has only ten turns, substantially placed at the junction of four straight-for a good picture is important yes the speed on the straight, but also have a great traction, to better interpret the changes of direction.

Excellent traction that is always the trademark of the cars in the Red Bull: the stables Milton Keynes, that Austria plays at home, not the case has always behaved very well on this track. In the last two years, the winner was Max Verstappen, the protagonist in 2019, after a departure from the horror movies, a comeback that has seen him overcome a few laps from the end, the rival, Charles Leclerc. Reasonable to think, in short, that Verstappen will be among the favorites for the first two races of the year.

Already, because at the Red Bull Ring will be bis for next week, with the grand prix of Styria, 12 July: a golden opportunity for Red Bull to glean useful points in the optical manufacturers saw that the Mercedes in Austria has not fared badly in the latest editions. But you can never exclude a exploits of the Silver Arrows, that is, after all, start also this year with the underdogs, strong a package is already extremely competitive, enhanced by the arrival of the infamous DAS, steering mobile, which has done much to discuss in the pre-season test in Barcelona.

But by the time of Barcelona, a lot has changed: in Austria, we’re bound to see the cars very different from those that took to the track in Spain, starting from the Ferrari SF1000. The new car at the disposal of Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel had not convinced, and it seems that the technicians of the Red have been working hard to make it more competitive; but also the other team, once re-opened factories, have not been sure with the hands in hand. Soon, however, the values on the paper to leave space to the first incoming data from the track on which the riders in contention will have the compounds in the intermediate range designed by Pirelli for the F1, C2, C3, and C4.

The challenge in Austria, we will play on the 71 laps, to get in on the Red Bull Ring, length is 4,318 km. The track record, 1’06″957, was cultured in 2018, from Kimi Raikkonen on Ferrari SF71H.

Here are the times to follow the race weekend in Austria:

Friday, July 3:
Free practice 1: 11: 00 am-12:30 – live on Sky SportF1 HD
Free practice 2: 15.00-16:30 – live on Sky SportF1 HD

Saturday, July 4:
Free practice 3: 12:00-13:00 – live on Sky SportF1 HD
Qualifications: 15:00-16:00 – live on Sky SportF1 HD
18:00 – Deferred on TV8

Sunday 5 July:
Grand Prize: 15:10 – live on Sky SportF1 HD
hours 18:00 – Deferred on TV8