Alex Zanardi: “stable conditions, the framework severe neurological” after the second brain operation

24 hours from the ssecond brain surgery which was submitted to the Policlinico Santa Maria alle Scotte in Siena, Alex Zanardi is located in a “clinical condition stationary” and with a “stable from a neurological point of view, the framework remains grave”: so reads the bulletin issued by the hospital. Zanardi, it is explained, is still hospitalized in the intensive care unit, where it remains “sedated and intubated; the prognosis is reserved. Agree with the family of the ex-pilot of Formula 1, “there will be no other bulletins to doctors in the absence of significant developments”.

Following the serious accident with his handbike on June 19, Zanardi had been subjected to a delicate surgery neurosurgery and maxillo-facial of two hours and a half; the framework neurological appeared to be immediately serious. After a ct scan done yesterday, it was decided to operate again Zanardi: an event, had explained to the doctors that follow the athlete, paralympic, already hypothesized previously. If the conditions remain stable, we will evaluate the possibility to decrease the sedation, to better understand the framework neurological; after the second surgery, everything is postponed at least to next week.

During the relay Lens Flag, Zanardi, 53 years old, was impacted against a truck after having invaded the opposite lane along the State highway 146, on the road between Pienza and San Quirico. From the video acquired by the investigators, Zanardi clasped hands on the handlebars of his handbike before losing control and crashing against the heavy vehicle. In the accident, Zanardi had reported a traumatic brain injury and smashing face is the fear of damage to the eye, but it will not be possible to verify them prior to sedation of the athlete at the paralympic is gradually decreased.