BMW: a platform for the electric?

THE AFFIXED – The BMW is one of those automakers that, despite being projected toward the car electric (and hybrid), has not been developed in-house, a platform for modular specification designed exclusively to the cars battery (with the exception of the i3, in the image above, but it has been engineered for a specific chassis were also used in composite materials). A strategy diametrically affixed with respect to the compatriot Volkswagen, which has developed the ID.3 on the modular platform MEB.

SOMETHING IS CHANGING – However, according to what was reported by the chairman of the works council of the Munich branch, Manfred Schoch, in an interview to the magazine Der Spiegel, the situation may soon change because managers are pushing towards a new strategy that sees the development of a modular platform dedicated to electric cars. A decision that would be sensational, given that BMW has opted for platforms hybrid, equipped with both heat engines and electric, such as the one used on the suv’s electrical iX3.

MANY ADVANTAGES – This kind of specific platforms for electric cars have many advantages, besides the possibility of being adapted for various car models by varying parameters such as wheelbase, track and height from the ground (but this is already the case with the thermal engine car). The main is to allow an optimal use of space (packaging), which allow you to get a cabin larger and greater autonomy, thanks to the possibility to cram batteries more capacious in the floor of the car. In addition, you can limit the weight, because the platform should not be designed to support the heavy and complex mechanical parts of the car with a heat engine.

BUT HOW much is… – However, the dedicated platforms for electric cars have a big disadvantage: the costs of development are monstrously high, and you need to have the ability to smear them on hundreds of thousands of drive products every year because the investment will be profitable. It is true that the Volkswagen Group, with a decision unprecedented, has granted to other manufacturers (such as Ford) the possibility to use its platform MEB.