Citroën C4: character unconventional

NOT ONLY CHANGES THE NAME – waiting to see it in showrooms, where it will arrive for the end of 2020, arrive more information on the new Citroën C4, the heir of the sedan production two years ago. While retaining the name, the new generation changes completely: it has a greater height from the ground (15,6 cm in total) and forms a crossover, with the curved arches, the sides well shaped, and the profile at the base of the fascia and sides, not painted. The original lights: the head lights are on 3 levels, with those day that seem to be an extension of the grille, while the taillights are integrated into the cummerbund shiny black at the base of the rear window. Compared to the previous C4, are different sizes: the third generation is long 436 cm (3) wide, 180 (1) and high-152 (3 or more).

BACK to THE WHEELS – The dashboard of the Citroën C4 is of minimal appearance, with in evidence the touch screen of 10”. Below are some of the physical buttons to call up the main functions of the multimedia system, and the speakers in the air, which develop horizontally to visually enlarge the dashboard. The “climate” is controlled through three practical wheels, which are absent in other recent drive of the French house, with instead of less practical touch screen. The C4 2020 has front and rear seats heated, speakers, air also for the rear passengers, the pad for charging without wire smartphone (at the base of the console) and the many preparations in order to improve the ease of the passengers, including 2 cupholders in the console and the brand new Smart Pad Support, a retractable stand in front of the passenger seat which supports horizontally a tablet.

TRUNK a LITTLE LARGE – The French house, by tradition, has not neglected the comfort of the edge, because the Citroën C4 offers seats Advanced Comfort designed to reduce the vibration transmitted to the occupants), and the suspension-Progressive Hydraulic Cushions, equipped with dampers, hydraulic progressive in place of the rubber pads to the end of the race: improving the ease of the passengers, transmit less vibrations to the structure of the car and wipe the annoying bounces, which occur when the drive encounters a pit road particularly profound. The capacity of the trunk is firm at 380 litres with the sofa in use, when the “cousin” Peugeot 2008 (shorter than 6 cm) to accommodate 434 liters. With the access threshold to 71 cm from the ground, it is easy to load heavy objects.

IMMEDIATELY The ELECTRICITY – The platform of the Citroën C4 is the same as other cars of the PSA, including the suv compact Peugeot 2008, and is already optimized for the electric drive: it is not the case it will be immediately available in the version of Citroën is-C4, with the engine, the electrons from 136 HP and 260 Nm of torque, powered by a battery of 50 kWh. The French house says up to 350 km of autonomy. Do not miss the 1.2 turbo petrol engine in versions with 100, 130 and 155 HP, and the 1.5 turbo diesel with 110 and 130 HP. Among the systems of driving aid, also present the guidance of level 2: the C4 remains at the centre of the lane, and automatically adjusts the speed depending on the traffic, up to the complete stop.