Ecoincentivi – Bonus for bikes and electric scooters, also without scrapping

Waiting to know the intentions of the government on incentives for the purchase of new cars, the Budget commission of the Chamber, which is currently examining the so-called decree Relaunch, deals with mopeds and electric bikes. An amendment, which was approved, has in fact extended the bonus introduced with the budget law for the 2019 and then extended to 2020 even those who do not rottamerà an old scooter or an old bike, those who this year will buy a moped or a motorcycle, electric or hybrid will be able to obtain a state contribution of 30% of the purchase price (excluding Vat) in the limit of three thousand euro.

Up to four thousand with the destruction. However, those who will demolish an old moped or an old moto Euro 0, 1, 2, 3, and will acquire an electrical car or hybrid, you can get a contribution of 40% of the purchase price within the limit of four thousand euros (so far the bonus is 30% up to a limit of three thousand euro). Not only that: while the current policy provided for the contribution only on mopeds and two-wheel motorcycles, the amendment will extend it (both with the trade-in, is without) also to the models for the three-and four-wheel drive.

Until funds are exhausted. Do not change the obligations of the law. In the first place, the contribution granted by the seller in the form of a reduction of the purchase price, is available until the exhaustion of the allocated funds, currently amounting to seven million euros. In the second place, the vehicle to be scrapped must be made payable to the purchaser of the new medium, or a member of his family resident for at least 12 months.

Not only private. Evident the objectives of the commission Budget: raise, a measure that so far has proved to be a flop. Of the 10 million allocated for the just 2019, at the end of last year had been used a little more than eight. To the point to induce the government, at the end of 2019, to make the funds available again this year. A maneuver which proved to be essentially useless, since the millions that are available are still seven. Note that the amendment is a nod with an explicit eye to the operators of the scooters sharing since, when we read in the text, “the contribution may be recognized up to a maximum of five hundred vehicles purchased in the course of the year and the name of the same person”.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.