F1: Ferrari, the B-version of the SF1000 comes in Hungary: the word of Binotto

For the long-awaited “B-version” of the Ferrari SF1000 still have to wait for: to disclose, in an interview granted to Motorsport.com, is the team principal of the Red, Mattia Binotto. Updates to the car, and needed after the difficulties that arose in the pre-season test at Montmelo, will be brought to the track, in Hungary, in three weeks. “The SF1000, which will be on the track on the circuit at Spielberg will have the same configuration seen in the final part of the test in Barcelona,” says Binotto. This, however, points to the team manager, does not mean that in the five and a half weeks of permitted work after the forced break due to COVID-19 “we were with the hands in hand”.

The Ferrari SF1000 were not born under a good star, it was already sensed at the time of Barcelona, but Binotto it gives confirmation to: having regard to what emerged from the tests, it was necessary to “an important change of direction with regard to the development, especially on the plane’s aerodynamic”. A copernican revolution that could not think of bring to an end for the inaugural race of the season in Austria: too many changes to a project that has not convinced you to Maranello. In any case, he wishes to specify Binotto, “beyond the physical development of the single-seater, in these weeks we have worked a lot on the analysis of its behavior, both in the simulations with the contribution of our pilots, and I think this will be good for us in Austria”.

The Ferrari, in essence, begins the season as the third force in the league on paper, behind the armoured Mercedes and the convincing Red Bull, that is good to remember that, in the first three races of the season has a real chance to make a good impression on the slopes congenial, they get the important points in optical manufacturers. In a world extremely condensed, starting with a package that is already competitive is an advantage; so it will not be for the Redhead, who must, however, hope that the new direction taken by the technicians is the right one. Only in Hungary, “once introduced, the step of development where we are working”, it will be possible to understand “where we are compared to others, even in the light of the developments that the competitors will eventually be introduced”.

And that the direction taken with the SF1000 “B” is the right one, it becomes even more important in light of the fact that a good part of the package of the car for the season 2020 will remain unchanged also in 2021. The freezing of a substantial number of components to save resources, in view of the introduction of the new technical regulation, in 2022, will be an inevitable margin of improvement for the next year. Who will be good in 2020, in short, will take its competitive advantage in the next season. The Ferrari, in the worst case, may be then relegated to a role as a co-protagonist for the first two world championships of this new decade. But to give us a clearer idea of the situation of the Red will have to wait for the GP at the Hungaroring on July 19, as.