Reliability of the car: the thud of the germans and the japanese in the Usa

POINT OF REFERENCE – THEInitial Quality Study of J. D. Power, in its 34-year history, has become a point of reference for consumers when it comes to the quality of the new car factory. This is a search in which you are asked to 87.282 drivers list the defects in their new cars after 90 days of ownership and use. This is not a walk, neither for scholars nor for motorists: the questions are well-223 divided into 9 chapters, from the infotainment system to the external, from the powertrain to the driving experience. The ranking is defined by counting the detected defects by the owners to every 100 samples.

BRANDS – with regard To the ranking of the brands in the Initial Quality Study 2020 of J. D. Power, the surprises are not lacking. The most dramatic is the slow collapse of the houses of the japanese, until a few years leaders of the ranking, with most of the top ten places: a sign that the quality of their products, present on the american market, no longer meets the customers as one time. The ranking 2020 of the brands (below) shows that in the first place, are of equal merit, Kia, and Dodge with 136 defects per 100 specimens, followed by Chevrolet, RAM, Genesis, Mitsubishi, Buick, GMC, Volkswagen and Hyundai. Even the european brands. premium did not go well, according to the research: the first is the BMW at the 19th place with 176 drawbacks reported for every 100 copies, below the average of 166. Last year the Genesis was before, the Kia’s second and Hyundai third while Nissan was the first japanese in seventh place (here the news).

MODELS – Moving on to the models, the one judged to be less problematic of all is the Chevrolet Sonic (pictured above), affordable and compact sedan on sale from 16,000 dollars. If the Sonic is in the summit of the rankings of its “segment,” the Small Car, the Audi A3 wins in the category Small premium (the compact “C-segment”). Coming to the Midsize (sedans, medium-large as we would say us), the Chevrolet Malibu stands out while the Ford Mustang is top in the sport. The Compact, which would be the average, see at the top of the Kia Forte and the Genesis G70 (Compact Premium). Two Cadillacs in the top of the Midsize and Premium Midsize, Upper Premium sedans of merit: are the CTS and CT6. The category-Large, and one of the sedans with the larger size, it went to the Nissan Maxima, while the Large Premium for the most luxurious, is dominated by German BMW 8 and 7 and the Porsche Panamera. The Jaguar E-Peace wins among the Suvs, Small Premium and, to the extremes, and abundance of the Kia Soul and the gigantic Cadillac Escalade. Disappeared from the radar , Fiat and Alfa Romeo, now with numbers that are too small. The Tesla are recorded for the first time, but in some way incomplete, because the House has not provided data on its owners in 15 States, but J. D. Power has had those of the other 35, with which it has assigned to the poor score of 250 defects per 100 units.