The new step-Citroën, For style and electric car: here’s C4 and it is-C4 [video preview]

Recovering a little what has been said already by the germans from VW (for the range ID) incredibly brilliant French PSA mint for Citroen in 2020 is a slogan in a language that is not their own, and even unpublished: “Ëlectric for all”. That, however, is not equal to nothing to that of the rivals, if you consider the details, upstream and downstream of the projects. Then there are those two dots on the letter E. Many models electrified to a varying extent for the House, basically, but especially from today, the official and the wait, for the new Citroen C4 and it is-C4, the second a pure EV.

The House counts, and keeps us, launches these new C4 as milestones. After C5 Aircross Hybrid, and-Jumpy and e-SpaceTourer, beyond the small Love. All vehicles electrified, for various uses (for all): Love for 14 year old girls, the work vehicles for the professionals and the transportation of people, now the C4 2020 for the classical families from the segment C.

The number one of the House, however, remembers “we do not have an offer that pushes towards a technology, but the one who goes out to meet the real needs of people”. Among these requirements, the electric car that travels well, with a good autonomy, even outside the city.

nuova Citroën C4

the new Citroën C4

The most beautiful and comfortable

From Paris as you can see in the midst of the redundant music of the world live premiere with more than 2,000 people connected, is not bad, let’s face it. It is the most beautiful of the ID.3, the C4 power? Maybe yes, maybe no: de-gustibus. It certainly is very interesting, modern “worked” and better than some C4 in the past, in terms of visual impact.

The muzzle all Citroen but with a long, thin bright lines. The rear looks towards the other, the glass roof is panoramic, on a profile, not all. Crossover? Yes, nice and streamlined in a little coupe we could also say, more simple, however, to speak of a modern sedan. Heir to the BX (but also CX and GS, well managed the impact of the cold. Long is 4.36 metres but racy and very personal with the intersection of the light bars (the new signing V-100% LED). Also gritty for some ribs , and the design worked great rims 18’.

Inside promises to be airy, effect-like SUV for how it feels (height soil 15,6 cm). Also here the new and anticipated new systems for the Home. As the digital instrument, the Head-up color display and Infotainment system on the thin Touch 10 inch. Clean enough in the forms to horizontal development, but full of compartments and the controls of climate are out of touch. The essential point, as always, for Citroen, the suspension with dampers, Hydraulic progressive and interiors that aim to the comfort and feeling “soft” in the cockpit. With seats so soft port-to-tablet and record in space for the knees of those seated in the rear (the step is 2,67 metres). The the luggage compartment is 380 l. and there are extensive customizations, as always, in the interior finishes.

Gli interni della nuova Citroën C4

The interior of the new Citroën C4

How fast is the EV

Depends on the engine, there are those that are thermal, or electrical. The gasoline or diesel, are Euro 6d between 100 HP and the 155 HP, for the first (5 versions PureTech), or from 110 HP to 130 HP for the two diesel BlueHDI. The electric system, recognizable for various external details, pushes a 136-HP and boasts an autonomy of 350 Km WLTP. Over all the option of the ADAS advanced until the guide of the standalone level 2 (20 different aids to the user guide. There are three driving modes for the models with AT, to be managed by simple and new lever (for the electricity in the position B, energy recovery).

Your C4 electric promises a is-Comfort with Zero emissions, Zero noise, Zero vibration, zero steps, abrupt, zero gear changes. The torque is 260 Nm, the 0-100 km/h in 9.7 s , and the maximum speed of 150 km/h. Honest in short, not to run and to consume too much. The battery of the electric motor (50 kWh 400 V) is a Lithium-ion battery is guaranteed 8 years or 160 000 km for the 70% of the capacity. With loads super quick post 100 kW, the battery is charged at the rate of 10 km/min. From home, with Wall Box 32 To be purchased or hired, the battery lasts 7 hours and a half with single-phase battery charger, 5 hours with the three-phase battery charger in option 11 kW.

Arriverà anche la Citroën ë-C4, versione 100% elettrica

Will come the Citroën is-C4, version 100% electric

When it arrives and price list

Orders in the summer and deliveries in the autumn, for the new Citroen C4 that arrives in Italy, together with the electrical ë-C4. Dates not certain but the cars on the road in the Nice Country by the end of the year. 31 color combinations possible. How much is it? The list price of the new Citroen C4 has not yet been made official, but according to logic, the cost of the model in the access range may not be very far from the previous Aircross: you could open up to about 25K euro. For the electric is the promised little difference in cost, but the facilities are allestimentro top. Likely to have a competitor C4 electric maybe less expensive than the VW ID.3, as it is now (in rich 1st edition).


Picasso? With what is put on the plate for the new Citroen C4, the House certainly is ready to derive other models including the electric, in a variety of formats. There are the debut and even short-motor PHEV, but… With this platform and these forms, we expect a sport version, or even open C4 electric? We have asked the head of the design of Citroen, Pierre Leclercq and the answer was a polite “no comment“ which can mean yes, we have the project in the pipeline, which is possible, but we do not know when we will be able to put in place.

We see the good, a is-C4-CC, name of the part. A means by which there delights in the passenger compartment, open with the absence of vibration and noise of the EV, as comfortable as a true Citroen.

Data sheet – New is-C4

Length: 4.360 mm

Width: 1,800 mm / 2,032 mm with rear view mirrors open / 1.834 mm with mirrors folded

Height: 1,525 mm

Step: 2.670 mm

Wheel diameter: 690 mm

Turning circle: 10.9 m

Distance from the ground: 156 mm

Trunk Volume: 380 L

Height of loading threshold: 715 mm

Power: 136 CV (100 kW)

Battery: High-Voltage 400 V lithium-Ion battery 50 kWh

Torque: 260 Nm

Range: 350 km – cycle WLTP

Maximum speed: 150 km/h

0-100 km/h: 9.7 s (Sport mode)

Charging time: > charging the public 100 kW: battery recharged to 80% in 30 min, i.e. 10 km/min > Wall Box 32 To: 5 hour (three-phase battery charger in option 11 kW) to 7 h 30 (battery charger single-phase) > domestic Socket: 15 h (socket high power) more than 24 h (classical grip)