Audi e-tron S – Three engine and 503 horsepower to the Suv electric

The electric becomes a sport in the home Audi. Debut in fact on the list, the e-tron and e-tron S Sportback, which lead to the debut of a powertrain up to date and other changes designed key performance. The arrival on the market is expected in the autumn, but prices are not yet disclosed. We have, however, already driven a prototype of the suv coupe preview, gaining positive feelings.

503 HP from three electric motors. Both body variants of the sport utility in the German electricity take advantage of a powertrain consisting of three electric motors, two of which are on the rear axle. The total power output of 503 HP and 973 Nm, and the batteries from 95 kWh (rechargeable 150 kW) ensure a range of 360-365 km in the cycle Wltp. The maximum speed is 210 km/h, while 100 km/h from standstill is achieved in 4.5 seconds. Audi has used on the front axle of the motor and the e-tron 55 the four mounts at the rear, while the smaller one was powered and mounted on each of the rear wheels, thereby obtaining an effect of torque vectoring, which is completely managed by the on-board electronics. The front engine is called upon when you need maximum performance or when it is perceived as a loss of grip at the sensation, driving a car, is then that of having a powerful rear-wheel drive-an effect further enhanced by the Sport mode, which also allows you to make lateral overturning of the vehicle out of the curve.

Sporty to drive. With a power and a couple more to manage, and the S models have received special attention with regard to the trim of the tire and the progressive power steering, which provide for adjustments of the dedicated software. Of the series are included, wheels 20″ (22″ optional) and the height from the floor can vary of 76 mm according to the driving mode, while the braking system adopts gripper orange and front discs, 400 mm with calipers with six pistons. The Audi Drive Select offers seven driving modes to combine with the four settings of the ESC.

Style and structure are specific. Design and aerodynamics have been revised for this e-tron’s, which retain as an option the outside mirrors are virtual. The Cx, in this configuration, down to 0,26 on the Sportback, although the roadways that are larger than 46 mm, and the modifications to the bodywork, which adopts the fenders wider, the air curtain dedicated, new front air intakes and rear extractor. The braking system in turn is cooled by air intakes that are active. The finishes of aluminum of the single frame, the splitter and side inserts make it immediately recognizable to the S models, the interior seen to dominate the dark colours. The interior design includes the sports front seats clad in leather and Alcantara, in the option also lined in leather and ventilated.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.