Here’s Ineos Grenadier, Also in Italy, the new off-road british: 4×4 pure and minimalist [BMW engines]

The name of the manufacturer and the model new, for a means of completely new species for us in Italy. Or maybe not? Yet, the jeeps that you see in the video and in photos, is ready to become a reality in the street, even from us shortly and it is a completely new model. The look from far away tells you something? No, this is called Grenadier and it produces the auto division of the international group Ineos. Company with 183 plants in 26 Countries, has a turnover of about 60 billion dollars a year and sponsors the Mercedes F1, just to give the idea.

After paints, plastics, fabrics, pharmaceuticals, and also technology, by 2017, the President, a car enthusiast opens to the new front with four wheels, integral. Now we see the result: car not common, not even an electric. This first product Ineos is a 4×4 vehicle, personal, minimalist and sturdy. Made in collaboration with Magna Steyr, BMW for engines and ZF for the exchange.

Name and product new, the british, but the basic technique is nothing short of solid, and level, which was tested in Europe, with the desire to resume a tradition that the English wants to say, even the first models of Land Rover and of course, for all means, even military.


The Grenadier will go into production next year, with work in two factories: in Wales and in Portugal. On the market instead of in the course of 2022. A 4×4 vehicle promised and without compromise, but also easy to manage and maintain. Frame spars, differential, locking, and interior washable. The payload is one tonne and the ability to tow 3.5 tonnes. The theoretical target is certainly not one that “comb” by means of premium after the fashions of the moment, but rather be available to the owners of the land, workers, forest rangers, operators of ski areas. A vehicle so strong and solid to really, even if you are not only rustic, when in use, with minimum comfort and ADAS, appropriate resale in all over the Globe.

Under the hood there will be engines with six-cylinder BMW, petrol or diesel, not provided for in hybrids for now. Everyone is wondering two things: it will be really minimalist, and open to many that await him maybe within the 50K, or going up in the gifts and in costs connoterà as the new rival of the icon, also made on the platform and the austrian Magna, which is called the G-class Mercedes (and it costs a bang)? The various assessments, but all to do after having seen and tried.

Durable Design

The target is not easy is to expand first in Europe and then in the rest of the world. For now, we know only the outside appearance of a Grenadier, which is not much, but that’s not all. A design of those who do not need introduction, it is obvious, it leaves little space to interpretation: an off-road vehicle, pure and born to work and to go beyond, not only for the catwalks and slogan. So much so that in presenting it to those of Ineos cited characteristics desired in the 1940’s by the army for the first, and the world-famous Jeep, the american. Not the usual chatter of the world SUV. Then a half – integral, permanent, and theoretically long-lived. The preview design shows a vehicle objectively not a new to 100%, but clearly the off-road and… We understand that the footprint is English, magazine today.

It is not Jeep, not Land Rover, which indeed invokes the most, but it is Grenadier. “Form follows function” is the principle adopted to achieve this, practical and concrete. A typical element, the nose with the hood effect “lying” and four headlights. The circular rear lamps. Hinges and how typical of the media really off-road, as the few remaining on the market. Of course there are bands bumper side, a rear access to the test of each load (door split) of the wiring external to electrical connections and even a small compartment useful as a basic work (e.g. the storage of clothing, tools and dirty) from the outside.

Space then to the personalization, seeing the solutions, all very manageable put into the Grenadier and the concept of “open source” in advance from the House. To follow versions of wagon, of different lengths and pick-up, to fill the vehicle with an unpublished some market niches that are neglected by others.

Toby Ecuyer, Head of Design, explains briefly: “A clear design, straightforward, without ambiguity. A vehicle where everything is substance, there is nothing in appearance”. We’ll talk again, when you will discover other details, and the sensations of driving. The development program has as its objective 1.8 million km road and off-road in the course of the next year,