Liguria is strangled: the siege of the job sites on motorways

For over a week, the region is totally paralyzed from work in progress on all 6 motorways in the region: A10 Genoa-Ventimiglia, the A12 Genoa-Rosignano motorway, the A15 La Spezia-Parma, the A7 Genoa-Milan, the A26 Voltri-Gravellona motorway, The 6-Savona-Turin.
They are works of extraordinary maintenance, with character of urgency, to 100 galleries judged as deficient by inspections from the ministry. Some of these – 16 in all – represent a danger for the movement and need to work without a break before being reopened to traffic.

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In practice, you cannot take even a stretch of motorway between the two outputs – using both carriageways. The breaks forcing the car and especially the big trucks detours, delays, and shrinking that already early in the morning or in the night form serpentoni blocked. The worst part is that many vehicles, reached the first exit after hours tail come out on the via Aurelia, the only road alternative, which connects La Spezia from Ventimiglia, passing through all the villages. And that is not able to offer any solution. On the contrary, when it fills up, it ends up locking in a choke hold even the villages.

Had to be changed yesterday

Liguria is paying a price for that gigantic to the management policy of the 6 highways that they had to help her get out from the stalemate in historical and due to its orographic conformation, the fragility of the territory and the weakness of its infrastructure. However, still owns the motorways with the construction of 40 years ago.

You think that the stretch Genova-La Spezia is still two lanes, no emergency. And that, for full of teasing, the luminous panels – 2 km before the Recco read: “Stop in the emergency lane only in case of extreme necessity”. Too bad the emergency lane just was not there and there is still. In fact, shortly after, the Chiavari, the wording became: “stay on pitch only in case of extreme necessity”. It is true there are some pitches of an emergency, but to enter it you have to have a good aim and especially not to have a truck that pushes at his heels.

Not to mention the structural changes that had to be made for many years: as, for example, the microstazione supply between Nervi and Recco, which is placed between a viaduct and the entrance to a gallery, that the most murderous of the so you can.

Enter or leave means to create a disturbance dangerous to traffic, certain, documented, to change yesterday, as a matter of urgency. Do you know to what extent they have adopted in 35 years? A sign that limits the speed – it seems to me – at 80 km/h, once upon a time there was also a speed camera. For a highway that cost the km, the double of the French – new, to three lanes plus one emergency – there is crying.

On the opposite side, from Genoa to Ventimiglia, things are not better: they have even drawn in the gallery, three-lane, but the emergency was not even a shadow.

Not the norm for Europe

We call motorways, but in reality, according to the european standards, are not such as: colors of the tunnels, lighting, emergency lane, the state of maintenance of the asphalt, are the gaps more obvious. In the early years of this decade, the minister Nesi recepì the community rules on infrastructure (there were also rules for the design of roundabouts, and sidewalks) and was about to turn them in the decree, but his successor, Lunardi, blocked everything.

The motorway concessionaires, met, said that to adapt highways to the rules would have been necessary to increase the tolls of 35%. Pity that, since then, the tolls are increased equally, while the state of maintenance of the highways liguria has offered to the world the witness the most tragic that could: the bridge Morandi, the falling times on the A26 motorway, a viaduct and disappeared under the landslide, the minutes of the inspection, modified or edulcorati, the calcestrutto deteriorated under the viaducts, and now the yards have eternal strangle Liguria.

Since a few weeks, citizens, associations, sercenti and legal studies have given rise to a committee, entitled to St. Christopher (the patron saint of motorists) who has filed a complaint-complaint to the public Prosecutor of Genoa, in order to claim the non-service despite the increases of the tolls applied for over 9 years in Liguria. These increases were justified, by all the concessionaires, to carry out the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, and – Aspi – for the construction of the Eaves on the North. Now, the automobolisti ask, rightly, to be compensated for the damage, which continues every day and every night in the stops the endless construction sites, the eternal. And it is not rhetoric.

A single, desolate grunt ligure, we heard more times in these days of torture: “But because no one, neither to the Government nor to the Freeways, has used the brain to establish to work during the period of lockdown – when there wasn’t a soul around – but now, that we share, and they block everything? And do not even know until when”