Volkswagen: in Germany full production

Comes July, and we turn the page: with the new month, for the group, Volkwagen in Germany, to resume the activity of production according to the diagrams the “normal“ pre-pandemic, with the abandonment of the part-time in force to date.

They are mainly the plants of Wolfsburg, those of commercial vehicles and components to be affected by the measure: therefore, after the resumption of the full-time started in Dresden and Zwickau already from a few weeks, the blue overalls are back at work at the usual pace in Brunswick, Chemnitz, Emden, Hannover, Kassel, Osnabrück, Salzgitter and Wolfsburg.

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In consequence of the new mode of production, it is estimated that the production of the Volkswagen group has returned to be at quite high values, touching in some cases also the roof, the full 100%.

A signal is definitely important, which seems to confirm the return to normality for a few months absent: the group motivates the decision thanks to the rising trend of demand for new vehicles, after the reopening of the concessionaires on the national territory, accompanied by attractive promotional offers for the buyers.

The company management will of course control the evolution of the demand side of the market, in order to modify in real time the production, in function of flows.