Volvo recalls two million vehicles

Volvo has announced the recall of about 2.2 million cars produced from 2006 to 2019 for the potential problems of the cables of the front seat belts: never in the history of Volvo a measure of this kind had involved so many pieces. The confirmation has come from the same Swedish company, which has announced that it will contact directly the property owners of the affected models – including the V60, the V70 and the XC60 – and invite them to get in communication with your dealer Volvo, in such a way to arrange for free repair.

In the note published at the press, Volvo has stated that the recall is not due to the occurrence of accidents or injuries related to the defect; it is a precautionary measure, to avoid problems in the future. “The problem is tied to a steel cable, connected to the front seat belts – explain from Volvo -. The cable, in very rare circumstances, you may be stressed excessively; this may cause damage to the cable itself, and reducing the functions restrictive of safety belts.” A question from Reuters, a spokesman for Volvo did not want to comment on the costs of the recall.