Lexus LS: a redesign in the sign of comfort

WE ALSO GAIN The HEARING – Unveiled in 2017, the fifth generation of the flagship Lexus LS receives the update of the mid-career (will be on the japanese market by the end of 2020) and aims to improve the already high level of comfort for the passengers. The Lexus, the premium brand of Toyota, has changed the seats of the chairs (they are able to better filter the vibrations) and introduced an upgrade to the suspension and adaptive, able to reduce more effectively the unevenness of the road; for the same purpose, have been redesigned the engine mounts. The Lexus LS of 2020 the evolution of the systems, Engine Sound Enhancement, which optimizes the sound of the engine, and Active Noise Control, which uses the speakers to generate sound waves, which are going to cover the noise of rolling wheels, of the engine and hiss aerodynamic.

GUIDANCE – The edition 2020 of the Lexus LS has the new Advanced system Drive, which ensures the guidance of level 2: the flagship not only keeps the center of the lane, and follows the flow of the traffic, until you come to complete stop, but is unable to do by itself to overtake or change lane, after the driver has operated the direction indicator. Arrive also the headlights BladeScan AHS, a variant of those led matrix: to create shadow areas which do not dazzle the drivers of other vehicles, are not turned off of the individual light-emitting diodes, because the light beam is intermittent at very high frequency (so as to be perceived as constant by the human eye) and is deflected by a mirror mounted on a rotating support (from here the name “blade” or blade). According to the house, this allows operations that are much faster, with a more precise beam of light. The Lexus LS is equipped with rear-view mirror digital: integrates a screen, connected to a camera mounted at the back, and improves the driver’s view when they are seated, people of high stature in the couch.

A GRAY THAT EXCITES – The Lexus has refreshed the slender bodywork of the LS, the forms of which are fluid and harmonic conceal the 524 cm of length, dimensions in line with the rival Audi A8, BMW 7-Series and Mercedes Class S. Get the new color gray Gin-ei Luster: designed to appear vivid and reflective as the aluminum is not worked, it is grainy to the touch and creates games of light depending on the angle of the sun or to watch the body. The mask, with hourglass shape, has a new chrome bezel on the sides and in the lower part, the headlights have been redesigned (there are more in the shape of a z) and change the finish of the frieze at the base of the headlights: no more chrome, is shiny black. Inside, the debut of the multimedia system with a screen of 12.3”, equipped with the features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

IN ITALY, ONLY HYBRID – have Not been announced for the new system, the hybrid version of the LS 500h hybrid, the only one sold in Italy, composed by a V6 3.5 petrol with 299 HP and an electric motor with 179 HP, the total output of 359 HP. The gearbox is an automatic ten reports. Outside there is also the petrol V6, naturally aspirated 3.5 or bi-turbo 3.4.