FCA: made of 3,000 fans in the lungs of three months

The FCA announced that it had reached the milestone of 3,000 fans lung made in three months by the outbreak of the pandemic Coronavirus.

In march, Fiat-Chrysler had announced with Ferrari in collaboration with Siar Engineering of Valsamoggia, the only national company producing these electro-medical equipment, to offer its facilities, know-how, and men, in order to increase the production capacity of Siar.

The initiative was coordinated by the Civil Protection and the head of Manufacturing–Premium Brands in the EMEA Region of FCA, Luigi Galante, Ennio Meccia, Director of Manufacturing Engineering of the EMEA Region of FCA, and from Charles James, the director of the plant in Cento (Ferrara), together with Siar.

Before the crisis, Siar was able to produce 125 machines per month. Thanks to the cooperation with the factory FCA of the Hundred managed to go from 8 to 80 units per day, satisfying all the many requests for help from health care facilities.

“The point of pivotal force in the new organization of the work was the possibility to build in the factory FCA of Cento (Ferrara), a jewel for the production of high-performance engines for markets all over the world, the group of solenoid valves, the “heart” button of the fans, and, in parallel, to find the optimal technological solution for insert the solenoid valve from one Hundred in the production line of the laboratories of bologna of the Siar Engineering. Thanks to the efforts of all the parties involved in the operation, the construction of the solenoid to one Hundred has resulted in a reduction of the production time of the equipment complete in the plant of Valsamoggia by at least 30-50%,” explains a note of the FCA.