Formula 1: Red Bull, Mateschitz wants to Vettel for the 2021?

To Antonello Venditti in these days will huff visibly ears, because in Formula 1 takes the stage the week of the great loves that do not end up, make turns huge, and then return. Yesterday we witnessed the official announcement of the engagement on the part of Renault’s prodigal son Fernando Alonso, a choice suggestive of a Diamond for reasons that are strongly nostalgic. And today, sprouting rumors according to which someone else would be watching with melancholy for a past winner. Sources of German – to be precise, they claim that Dietrich Mateschitz, the number one Red Bull, want to bring back to the fold Sebastian Vettel for the season 2021 Formula 1.

It would be a choice against all logic internal to the team of Milton Keynes, which has always pursued the road to focus on its young people to fill the two seats available. And its a product of the nursery of “bibitari”, Alexander Albon, now joins the supertalento Max Verstappen, the light of the eyes of Helmut Marko. You would think that the decision logic for the future would be to confirm Albon, waiting for the cantera to arrive in new protégés to use. But, suggest the Germany, the heart has reasons that reason knows not of, and Mateschitz would like to bring home the former child prodigy of the Red Bull.

The expense, in this scenario, it would be Daniil Kvyat, who, after being fished out of a lack of alternatives with the superlicense, cede their seat in the Alpha Tauri to Albon. And the anglo-thai would suffer the same fate touched Pierre Gasly last year, the shame of relegation in the Alpha Tauri. But before all this, you would need the clearance of an important part of the property of Red Bull: the family Yoovidhya, the owner of 51% of the shares, is baht, and may veto the operation nostalgia longed for by Mateschitz, saw that tarperebbe the wings to a talent that shares their same origins.

But, upstream of any possible internal position, it would make sense to bring Vettel in the Red Bull? Continuing the theme of the cliché love, the soup heated is not often a winning pot. Especially in the case, very likely, in which it proves to be too peppery. The why is easy to intuit: if Vettel in Ferrari has cozzato with Charles Leclerc, how could he not do the same with the irreverent Max Verstappen, who certainly would have no intention of being put the feet in head from its illustrious predecessor? Hard to imagine a peaceful coexistence between the two. The suggestions of the German are certainly fascinating, but the concrete option that remains Vettel is to find a place in the future of Aston Martin. And to make the cost of this game of chairs might be the son of the boss, Lance Stroll.