Hyundai: the truck, the hydrogen arrives in Europe

THE FIRST – The Hyundai is a manufacturer that believes in hydrogen as an alternative energy. The Korean group, with the long-term program FCEV Vision 2030 presented in 2018, has reiterated the desire to bring forward the development of the technology with fuel cells (fuel cell), both for the passenger car, represented by the suv Nexo currently into its second generation for commercial vehicles. It is precisely to this last category belongs the Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell, the first heavy duty truck to fuel cells in the world presented by the house, which is a result of the prototype HDC-6 Neptune, shown at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta in 2019.

THE FIRST 10 UNITS – In this case, it is not a prototype, but a model ready to be used, so much so that the company is about to send 10 units in Switzerland (2019, the Hyundai has created a joint venture with the swiss company H2 Energy, who will lease the trucks to commercial operators). Within the year, you will have used a total of 50 units, which will become the 1,600 by 2025. The Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell was developed to achieve a balance between the specific needs of the potential customers of a commercial fleet and the charging infrastructure in Switzerland. The fuel cell technology is particularly suited to the shipment of commercial and logistics, thanks to the long routes that can be followed and short refuelling times.

400 KM WITH ONE CHARGE – The Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell is powered by a fuel cell system the hydrogen from 190 kW (two stacks of 95) that push an electric motor 350 kW and 3,500 Nm, and can travel about 400 km on a single charge. The system works by taking hydrogen from the seven high-pressure storage tanks installed in the truck (on the whole, are stored about 32,09 kg of hydrogen) and combines it with the oxygen in the air to generate power for the electric motor and to the battery. The filling time for each truck takes about 8-20 minutes.

SWITZERLAND – The Hyundai requires the use of clean hydrogen generated by hydroelectric power. Switzerland was chosen for this pilot project because it is the country with one of the highest shares of hydroelectric power at the global level, therefore, can provide energy green sufficient for the production of hydrogen. Once you have started the project in Switzerland, the Hyundai plan to extend it also to other european countries. The truck will make it to the full in an infrastructure built by Hyundai itself, which includes the establishment of stations to 350 bar. The house is also developing a truck long haul in can travel about 1,000 km with just a tank of hydrogen.