Motorsport and COVID-19. Scuderia del Portello, the heritage must be protected because of the common heritage

The Scuderia del Portello is the traveling museum Alfa Romeo in decades. The passion of the president Marco Cajani has allowed to owners of cars Alfa Romeo to present to the international catwalks, exhibitions and exchange of unique pieces. Andrea Cajani is the son of the President and is the team manager and responsible for the events of the Scuderia del Portello that the pandemic has seen fade the main objective of the Team: share with the public the passion and the love for pieces of the cars fine with a story to tell. Here are the answers of Andrea Cajani to our questions-inquiry.

It is distributed in Austria with the F. 1, but motorsport is not only GP, what do you expect from recovery?

Andrea Cajani: “Not only for the good of motorsport but above all of civilization, I expect that institutions and the media to foster again and more than ever before, the participation of the public in the disciplines of “minor” and the return to the sharing: the concept of “smart” is getting used to the people and to isolate himself even more than he was already doing before the pandemic.”

Do you think revising the current commitments or confirmed to you in the future?

“Passion has no limits, but the activities need concrete help. The programs will depend on the media of the sponsor which in turn require incentives by the institutions. At the moment we are not still installing the programs in 2021 if not the events in which our members can afford to participate with their own individual resources (restrictions permitting)”.

In the months of lockdown, how did you react and set the work?

“Diversification of services: if the customers and fans you can not be reached on the fields of competition and events, we have set up new services to go us from them. It is, however, less sport and more business, then you spring for a sector to interact in another”.

For a leading company in motorsport is hard to turn the production into another sphere, or the reaction speed of the sport helps in these moments?

“The field events and sports, it is essential, without these moments of meeting between the actors and the audience all boils down to a simple trade in the relationship between company and producer-to-the home consumer. Diversify is not easy: in system sales-consumption, unfortunately, the sport is not enough”.

As you can see the evolution of the motorsport, national, and international? According to you which categories may be most in need?

“It’s all in the hands of the institutions and of the governors: to allow people to resume, in security, will facilitate again the actors perform and the audience to participate. Were penalized, the big events that involve large gatherings (Goodwood and Le Mans Classic to name a few)”.

In addition to motorsport, your company has diversified into other sectors of production?

“Yes, by setting up a new business of sales and services for professionals and for the fans-the customers of the sector, the Alfa Romeo historic”.

The institutions have been of support in your industry, even if the motorsport is seen usually as non-fundamental?

“Unfortunately no”.

Passion has no limits, but the activities need concrete help. The programs will depend on the media of the sponsor which in turn require incentives by the institutions

The Geneva motor show 2021 has been deleted and the EICMA show postponed to November 2021, the traditional business of car and bike seems to be in crisis, do you think there will be an evolution towards new models and such?

“Let’s hope for an incentive, the heritage, in respect of vehicles of historical importance and their protection”.

The research in motorsport, the current can be converted into new sectors?

“I don’t know”.

Do you have proposals to bring forward to the sports federation and the world of politics?

“Less bureaucracy and more practical help”.