Peugeot anticipates the ecobonus

WAITING FOR AUGUST – The incentives the state have been announced (we talked about here), but there is still hope to qualify, since (if, as seems likely, will the ok of the Senate) would become operational from August 1. That’s why the Peugeot, to meet those in need of a car immediately, has already introduced its “eco-bonus” in favour of those who buy an electric car or internal combustion engine, including, of course, the plug-in hybrid.

UP TO 11,000 EURO DISCOUNT – there Is talk of bonus fup to 9,000 euro for cars equipped with a gasoline engine or a diesel, while for the 100% electric you get to 11,000 euros. The amount also depends on the value of the car, but in any case not be below € 5,000. Most of these contributions are from the mother-house and the rest from the dealership.

EVEN WITHOUT the SCRAPPAGE – These promotions have just come into force, and relate both to the cars already in stock and those still to be ordered. And it is not necessary to scrap an old car. The offers are combinable with the eco-bonus is already in force for the electric models and plug-in hybrids, and with the bonus of regional and in some cases municipal (of those provided for in Milan we talked about here). And of course, you can combine the incentives which are expected to enter into force on the 1 August.

FOR those WHO TIP ON the CURRENT – THE greatest benefits are for those who buy car electric or hybrid. For those who choose this type of cars, the Peugeot has also introduced a program of long-term rental, with, for example, you spend € 399 per month for a 3008 Hybrid, and 40 euro less for a 508. In addition, you can opt for a wall box to install in the home or a card to use in the columns Enel X.