Peugeot: Ecobonus (without scrapping) up to 11,000 euros

Finished the lockdown there is not much desire to restart, both on the part of companies, but primarily by the Italian people. The car market has need of a nice boost and, in the expectation of incentives was also on the Euro6 petrol and diesel, auto manufacturers are starting to offer attractive benefits on the purchase of a new car. The first Hyundai with the maxi-scrapping and now even Peugeot, which has the eco-bonus of up to 11,000 euros, and without the constraint of the destruction: find out all the details below.

More incentives for all

The car park Peugeot is increasingly electrified and the automaker has every intention to outperform the market with modern cars and technology: the confirmation comes today with the Ecobonus Peugeot, which anticipate and will be added to future (and current) government incentives. Valid on the entire range (both combustion engine and electric) incentives provide benefits ranging from approximately 5,000 euro (for the drive smaller) to 11,000 euros for the premium models. The big surprise is that these eco-bonus offered by the French Brand are valid also without the destruction, without limits on CO2 and also on the rental vehicle Free2Move Lease.

Support of the customer

The second new feature is the Club’s PSA, that allows its Customers trusted professional of the favorable conditions and similar to those offered to its employees for the long-term rental. Finally, thanks to Peugeot’s Exclusive Days, prospective customers will be able to participate in events with booking digital discover, try in the range of electrified and evaluate the pack Enel-X, which includes the Wall Box or the card to recharge their electric or plug-in hybrid on the columns public.

Gli Ecobonus Peugeot su tutta la gamma

The Ecobonus Peugeot on the whole range