Rental Racing Day, it starts to Arce

It starts with the events, those where the heart beats strong for adrenaline and passion; it’s a pity only for the closed doors that have not allowed the presence of the public that it would arrive in mass to watch the spectacular races on the track. Another weekend of racing has just ended, the background of the race there was the Circuit Liri Valley to Arce (FR), which has hosted riders of both two-and four-wheelers, however, all-mode Full Rental, where the means have been made available by the organization. Temperatures of 28 June 2020 were worthy of a summer Sunday, and this has allowed all the riders, in addition to suffer a bit in the heat, to lower significantly the times of the last year.

Starting from the two wheels, let’s see what happened on the track for this stage of the TORM 2020 Selective Centre/South of Italy. Two batteries of the race: one for Under and one for Over, which she joined Flavia Ferri, Team with a Sword, ASD, only for the Junior category and only pink for the day, which has not gone unnoticed!

For the category Under Daniel Cinelli with a time of 1’05’321 the conquest the first box of the grid. The best start of Race 1 is definitely Simone Minervini, Team, MRacing, that door in our heads, but it is promptly revived by Cinelli and Andrea Di Placido, Team Sulmo Racing Factory, which had remained firmly in his wake. The first three are attempting a getaway, together with in the fourth position, also Giulio Michele, 90 Degree Racing Team. Just Michele seems to have a small failure, a slight off-track that fails to check and return promptly in the track without losing too much margin. They form two couples fight for the first and third position. Michele manages to win the position on Minervini and stabilizes on the third step of the podium.

In front of him is fight on until the last, between Cinelli and Placido manages to get the victory-only 253 milliseconds with the decisive move made right at the penultimate lap of the race. In race 2, instead, Fabrizio Di Marco, Team Sulmo Racing Factory, making a mockery of all at the start, it is square in the first position and is willing to do everything to remain there until the end. The group is always compact, and for each step on the straight positions of the first three change order. At the show provided by Placido, Cinelli and Marco are joined by Minervini is the author of a more starting off. The four remain paired throughout the race and return to the fine flowers of overtaking entertaining his audience, who was watching from the stands. The winner is Marco for 143 mil on Minervini. The third step of the podium conquered by Placido, who gets to the second from the duo of head. Of Marco at the end of the race says, “ It was really a beautiful race, but above all, it was a sort of revenge for Race 1 where I was not left unsatisfied. A tiring competition because we were all very close, but precisely for this fun!”.

The other category that of the Overthat was also the Junior Irons. The pole it is up to Mario Merlini, 90 Degree Racing Team, with a time of 1’07’170. The departure of Merlini is impeccable, and try to take that margin that may allow you to stay calm, Giuseppe Belli, 90 Degrees, Racing Team, moves to the second position behind him. Bad contact in the curve of the American between Ferri and Antonio Altobelli, MRM Racing Team, the bikes remain engaged, and it is necessary the intervention of the marshals to separate the two bikes. Altobelli manages to go back on track and finish the race, nothing to do for the Irons that hapless is forced to return to the box. Merlini goes undisturbed to win the race, while behind him, the Beautiful finds himself forced to defend his second position from Francesco Asaro, Team with a Sword, ASD, for all the second half of the race. The last two laps pulled to the maximum, where always in curve 1 Asaro tries to pass. An overtake that never comes the same Asaro says: “I missed a light cue in more, unfortunately, on some corners I still have some doubts”.

In Gara2 Beautiful goes immediately in the first position, Merlini follows him from near, and flee together away from the rest of the group. In the third position solitary Needle. Six laps from the end Merlini goes into the head, but in the course of the second lap at the end of the straight Beautiful alongside him, the two make a good two curves matched. The check Beautiful that it puts it back firmly in command, but from scrimmage he takes advantage of a Needle that joins the two to fight in the first place. There are only three laps, and Irons won the second position against Merlini, try to pull the detached Beautiful in more than one occasion but fails, Beautiful takes home satisfied with the victory and admits that she has always kept her own pace, without overdoing it for fear of throwing away a good result.

The ranking of the day:
Junior category: 1st Row (Team Gladio ASD)
Category Over: 1° Merlini (90 Degree Racing Team), 2nd Beautiful (90 Degree Racing Team), 3rd in Asaro (Team Gladio ASD)
Category Under: 1st Placido (Team Sulmo Racing Factory), 2° Of The Marco Team (Sulmo Racing Factory), 3° Cinelli.
Team standings: 1° 90 Degree Racing Team, 2nd Team Sulmo Racing Factory, the 3rd Team with a Sword, ASD

Let us now turn to four wheels, where the sabbath has been the protagonists of the category Wheel Chair, riders with disabilities, to try racing karts adapted to their needs. For the story of the Sunday of the KZR Championship 2020 let’s start from the younger and that, despite the young age, they are made to see all the talent on the track. Maurizio Borsini, Otc Fois Racing Team, part from the pole and retains the lead of the race. Already from the first curve it is evident that the fight will be two for the victory between Borsini and Andrea Cecchini, RCK Mini Racing 1. Snipers that try to be seen in each curve, but then it is the perfect defense of the Borsini which prevents overtaking. When it seems to have ended, the shot of the scene! Passed the half of the last lap Snipers pulls a staccatona and slips inside, nothing can Borsini that you can see it fade out the victory. Behind them close to the podium, Lorenzo Bruni, RCK Mini Racing 2. Similar Race2, are always Borsini and Snipers of the protagonists. This time, however, sniper imposes itself from the outset in the head and there are several overtaking that we offer during the second half of the race, once again the first place goes to Snipers from a small sample of which is shown, to the questions if he preferred to win on the last lap or the race’s leader says, “Obviously on the last lap”. The podium remains the same, a photocopy of Race 1.
The ranking of the day category KZR Mini: 1st Snipers (RCK Mini Rides 1), 2° Borsini (Otc Fois Racing Team), 3rd Brown (RCK Mini Racing 2)

In the category Rotax “Speed” is Jacopo Ibba, the only wild card of the day, to get the pole position with a time of 53’684, leaving, however, Maurizio Sini, RCK HP Racing Team, and to have the opportunity best, and is followed very closely by Marco, Speranzini, RCK Mini Racing 2, and Edoardo Leo, Otc Fois Racing Team. Initially, the three seem to take off but after starting off, Headquarter of the back can be seen just behind the group head. Leo port at the head of the group, and already by the fourth lap began to put a margin between himself and the pursuers. Behind Leo the fight for the second position is consumed between Ibba, Sini and Luca Corvetto, Skindoor HG, while Speranzini slowly seems to lose positions. In the course of the sixth lap, even Ibba seems to want to start his escape by detaching slightly Sini and Corvetto that you play the third place. Corvetto passes Sini, and launches in pursuit of Ibba who seem to lose a little bit of nail Polish right in favor of the opponent who took advantage to take the second position. Out of the fight for the podium, Speranzini, and take the position on the Left that starts to lose positions quickly.

The positions remain frozen, but Corvetto gets really close to the winner Leo, and at the end of the race says: “I’m very satisfied with the race, a few more perhaps would have triggered the fight with Edward, but I don’t know if I would have given him the victory. I’m satisfied for the start where I have used the advice of a friend, of course I can’t reveal!”. In race 2 instead, it is Perceived that it immediately takes the first position to the detriment of the Ibba, followed immediately by Speranzini and Leo, while the pole man slides up to the second last position. In the first few laps there is also a light contact between Speranzini and Leo for the second position, a contact that causes them to lose several positions at the Leo being all the riders race very close to each other. Ibba goes back in and starts a fight for the third position of the podium with Andrea Ciabattoni, RCK HP Racing Team.

In front of them, the other couple in the fight to Sini and Speranzini. Just after half race Ibba passes and is caught by Ciabattoni and goes crazy even to the conquest of the second position Speranzini; which is obviously not julie, but in an attempt to return the overtaking takes to the runway by Ciabattoni. The last few laps on a razor’s edge, overtaking is continuous, and it is impossible to keep an account. The chequered flag sees the parade in the first place Sini tailed by the Ibba and Speranzini, who conquers the third step of the podium. Ibba at the end of the race: “the initial contact with a pilot made me lose a lot of ground, there have been several flaws, and I had more of Maurizio, but it has defended very well, and I could do better”.

The Absolute ranking of the day Rotax Speed: 1° Ibba, 2° Leo (Otc Fois Racing Team) 3° Sini (RCK HP Racing Team)
The ranking of the day category UNDER: 1st Speranzini (RCK Mini Racing 2), the 2nd Sabatini (Racing DAD), 3° Ciabattoni (RCK HP Racing Team)
The ranking of the day category OVER: 1° Sini (RCK HP Racing Team), 2° Corvetto (Skindoor HG), 3° Munich
The ranking of the day the Junior class: 1° Leo (Otc Fois Racing Team), 2nd Albertini, 3° Kids

In the Rotax B, the pole man was Mike after the Break, Racing in the DAD, with a time of 54’794’’, which is also the author of a great start. Bonucci tries to put a bit of edge while the fight is consumed between Patrick Ricciardi and Richard Mauthe, Abruzzo Korse. However, while Mauthe slowly seems to give up and also be chased by the riders behind; Ricciardi tries to escape the pursuit of the first position. In the course of the fourth round wins the head of the group, here begins his run in alone towards the chequered flag. Mauthe has to defend himself against Leonardo Kids in the fight for the position. The two can even reach in the first half and put all three in the fight for the second step of the podium. Unfortunately, a contact between the first half and the Kids carries the two to lose several positions in the race. Ricciardi wins quietly the race, coming down from the kart, smiling and satisfied with his race; behind him closes Mauthe and in the third position Alain Bucci. In race 2 the positions remain unchanged with respect to those of the grid. Kids creeps immediately the third position of Ricciardi. This time I’m Mauthe and Bonucci that are wrong, and to take advantage of it is still Ricciardi, who returns at the head of all. Mauthe would not let escape the first position and immediately sets off in pursuit, behind them Lorenzo Albertini, who was also the author of an excellent start there follows very closely. Six laps from the end Mauthe performs the overtaking that the delivery of the victory of the race, a maneuver masterful that prevents Ricciardi each type of defense. A shame the error of Albertini that goes along facilitating the overtaking of the Kids. The young pilot was content to head down again to the chase and take advantage of an attempt of the Kids to pass the Broom to recover his position. Not glad you paste the kart Ricciardi to the finish contenting unfortunately, the third position, very satisfied at the end of the race says: “it is the first race that I’m happy with the result, certain sin for the error, but you do get what you can at the maximum of the possibilities”. While the winner Mauthe finish the race feeling relaxed and rested, satisfied with his position and is proud of its 56 years, the only rebuke the qualifications! “Time is not satisfactory, unfortunately, takes you out of the category and I am sure I would have enjoyed it even more than them,” he says.

The Absolute ranking of the day, the Rotax LOVES: 1° Mauthe (Abruzzo Korse), 2° Ricciardi, 3° Albertini
Overall standings Team: 1° Parapharmacies Fois Racing Team, 2° RCK Mini Races 2, 3° RCK HP Racing Team.

With this category, it also concludes this weekend of races, but the season has just begun and the stages to run, there are still!
The next stage will be the 26th of July in Viterbo: same format, same fun.

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