The best satellite navigation systems for your car

Despite the spread of services (such as Google Maps and Waze in the first place) and smartphones with a geolocation more and more precise, the navigator remains the ally number one of any motorist, for both traggitti the short to the long ones is particularly difficult to deal with.

Adopt, therefore, a device of this kind is of vital importance, considering two very important aspects: the smartphone has a battery that is unlimited – especially when you use the GPS antenna, which absorbs a lot of energy – and most of the services do not offer the same features as those offered by satellite navigation systems.

That said, we thought we’d compile a small list of the best sat nav for your car, which you will find below in this particular article. As a point of reference, we purposely selected Amazon uk for obvious reasons of availability of the devices, warranty and post-sale.

NOTE: Before your purchase, we recommend you pay attention to the specifications for each product listed below services included with the purchase and any services at cost to match.

The best satellite navigation systems for your car

  • Garmin Drive 40
  • TomTom Start 52
  • Garmin Drivesmart 61
  • Atoto A6 Pro
  • TomTom GO Camper

Garmin Drive 40

The guide of The best satellite navigation systems for your car begins with a product developed by Garmin, one of the best companies in this particular segment of the market. We are talking about the Garmin Drive 40, a device that ensures excellent performance thanks to the geolocation timely and innovative features “Drive-Alerts – able to warn the motorist in the vicinity of sharp curves and level crossings. Also, with the update of maps to the life and service of “Info-traffic”, this browser will be able to alert the motorist of the presence of speed cameras and changes in speed limit on your route. Worthy of note, finally, is its design, in fact, this product presents itself with angular lines, ideal for any interior. If you are interested, you can buy it at about 80 euro!

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TomTom Start 52

With a price, the TomTom Start 52 is in effect a great travel companion for any motorist. This device, for those not in the know, has a 5-inch display and a series of useful features, like lane guidance, which allows you to show clearly the lane proper guide to reach the goal you set at the start. Also, thanks to the regular updates, it is possible to obtain maps always updated and by subscribing to a subscription, even the location of speed cameras and tutors. All of this translates into approximately 100 euro. In addition to the edition of the 5-inch, there are two other versions: one for 4,32 inch sold at 69,99 euro and a 6-inch to 124,99 euro.

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Garmin Drivesmart 61

The sailors, with the passage of time, have acquired a range of features that allow them to connect with your smartphone thanks to Bluetooth technology. Among these, we recommend the Garmin Drivesmart 61, a navigator do features the latest technologies developed by the u.s. giant, as “Drive Alerts” – described in the previous paragraphs -, the synchronization with the smartphone to receive real-time information on traffic and for the management of notifications in total autonomy and security. Also, thanks to wireless technology, this device can couple with a router or with a smartphone via hotspot – for updates on the maps and on the location of speed cameras and tutors. In short, this device has everything needed to enhance any trip. If you are interested, you can buy it at around 180 euros.

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Atoto A6 Pro

It is not a brand particularly well-known by all, but l’Atoto A6 Pro is a device to buy, and without batting an eye. This is a car radio that has a navigation module built-in GPS, and is thus capable of indicating the road to all motorists, as if it were a real navigator for car. That said, in addition to this functionality, the A6 Pro has a series of features that make it probably more appealing than a navigator traditional, such as compatibility with the FM Radio and the ability to connect your smartphone and the infotainment system of the car. Its price? Only 269 euros, and inside the package you will find a small remote to add to your steering wheel to give commands to the music.

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TomTom GO Premium

As the last product in this buying guide, we present the TomTom GO Premium. It is a navigation system equipped with the best technologies developed by the manufacturer of the Dutch, in fact, is able to inform the motorist about the traffic, about speed cameras placed on the street and even on the traggitti supervised by the tutor. Do not underestimate the continuous support of TomTom, which allows all its customers to update the maps in a few simple steps. In addition, this navigator has the technology to IFTTT , which allows owners to control the thermostat, gate, lights, music, virtual assistants and many other smart devices compatible. If you are interested, you can buy the TomTom Go Premium to 276 euros instead of 329,90 euros. In short, at this price, it is really difficult to find better, considering all the technical features of this little gem!

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