Scams on car insurance policies: stop between Milan and Campania

Realize that your auto insurance is bogus in the event of an accident or of a control of the forces of law and order: this was the fate of the cheated that, in the order of tens each day, fell into the trap woven by the fratellli Frederick and Dionysius Chain, able to live a luxurious life in Villa Literno with this scheme. But the bubble is now burst through an investigation of the Nucleus of investigation of the Police of Milan, which culminated with thearrest of the two. The network was much more complex: eight associates are finished in the house, the other four have the obligation of signature and has taken the obligation of residence for the two involved in the affair. Winds are suspects on the loose, and were seized 30 million euros.

This is the result of a survey that was to start in 2017 following several complaints presented by the major insurance groups for the commercializazione of insurance policies Rca false. Investigation that revealed a conspiracy by 2012 in the following municipalities: Cancello ed Arnone, Castel Volturno, and Villa Literno, capable of marketing, through 78 web sites of fake insurance brokers, premiums written for scooters, cars and trucks, for a daily turnover of between 5,000 and 10,000 euros.

As explained by the investigators, the scheme involved the creation of a telematics platform with the server abroad and phone numbers virtual hard. Had been also created two call centers, active from 9 to 19 Friday and from 9 to 13 and on the sabbath and periodically locations, various to circumvent the investigation. To fall in the scam were not only citizens, but also insurance brokers. The contracts of the insurance policies were paid on 280 Postepay headed to the front; the proceeds were filmed in a small portion of the accomplices. The bulk of the money was reinvested by the brothers Chain in the company traced back to them. Of the assets of the two were part of houses, slot rooms, car dealers, land, clothing stores, furniture and a boat.