Tesla – Germany, the court of Munich has forbidden the advertising of the Autopilot

A court in Munich has banned the Tesla to spread in Germany advertising information on the driver assistance systems and on the functions of theAutopilot: the substance, the court has accepted the instances of the Wettbewerbszentrale, a body sponsored by the industrial fabric, German and is in charge of monitoring issues related to the respect of the competition.

Spot misleading. The executive order, the california Home will be able to contest an appeal, requires the Tesla not to include in their own marketing materials, references such as “autonomous guide to its maximum potential”: such statements, according to the court, the bavarian, the equivalent of commercial practices are misleading because the average purchaser would give the impression that the car is able to drive without any human intervention, or suggest how such systems are legal on German roads. The intervention of the German court represents yet another critical move by the institutions or authorities of control systems guidance (non-autonomous, at least for the moment) developed by Tesla, which emerged especially in response to some accidents.

Cybertruck, developments in Texas. Meanwhile, the United States continue to get details about the contention between some of the towns of Texas and Oklahoma to host your next factory of the Cybertruck. The Travis county which includes the city of Austin, has approved a package of tax relief from the value of at least $ 14.7 million to convince the House to invest in the area $ 1.1 billion: in substance, has been accepted the request presented by Tesla to get a cut of the taxes on real property 80% for 10 years and 65% for the next decade. Rise, so, at $ 65 million in incentives granted by the various institutions involved in the project of the second american factory to Elon Musk: the school district Of the Valley, and is the owner of part of the land, has already authorized tax credits to $ 50 million.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.