Alex Zanardi – ‘unstable Conditions’, provided for the transfer at the San Raffaele

Alex Zanardi is in a “unstable” and for this, he was transferred to the intensive care unit of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan communicates the medical directorate of the hospital Valduce Como, from which depends the department of specialized rehabilitation Villa Beretta in Costa Masnaga _(Lecco), where the former pilot had been brought in to tackle the first steps of the path to recovery after the serious accident of the Relay Flag.

The press release. The news of the transfer of Zanardi in the San Raffaele institute is been spread by Claudio Zanon, medical director of the Hospital Valduce: “today, in the face of the lapse of the instability of the clinical condition of the patient, Alex Zanardi, after appropriate consultations with dr. Franco Molteni, head of the department of specialized rehabilitation Villa Beretta, all afferent to the Hospital Valduce, where the patient was hospitalized from 21 July, and the specialists of reference, was provided for the transfer of the same, with adequate means and adequate assistance, at the intensive therapy department of the Hospital “San Raffaele”. The health department also noted that the case “will not be released, more information”

Therapy. A month after the serious accident of the Relay Flag, Alex Zanardi had been discharged from the Polyclinic Santa Maria le Scotte of Siena, where he was immediately operated on and hospitalized, to be transferred at the clinica Villa Beretta, Costa Masnaga, where he was to embark on the path of recovery and functional rehabilitation provided by the doctors.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.