Automotive Italy: will serve 4 years to get back to normal (copying the French and using the money of Europe)

As always, it’s raining updates for some data and declaration of interest, from the meetings between experts of the automotive industry. At the Italian level to the last FORUMAutoMotive before the summer break, still speaks of the serious problems expected in the autumn, for the “system drive”. The 50 million allocated for incentives 2020, in part already anticipated from the major Houses, they represent only a starting point. The major consulting companies and the new general secretary of Fim Cisl, Roberto Benaglia, they discussed with many representatives of the car industry, the difficult and complicated recovery after the collapse of the lockdown. A recovery impossible, without the intervention of more extensive and targeted to the needs of the sector. The uncertainties exceed, in fact, the hopes, with the union world is prepared to face a new hot autumn, while users are postponing decisions or purchases.

“In the factories, breathes uncertainty – says Roberto Benaglia – you will need to design investments that look to the future and not to the production models exceeded. The fall but we are concerned about is not only with the shock absorbers that you are saving jobs, but putting the companies in a condition to overcome this dangerous phase. The solutions are there: to work on skills, stimulate organizational innovation, make the supply chains reliable”.

AlixPartners confirms that this year the industry will lose volumes similar to the entire european market pre-crisis, and the “hole” in the next three years will be approximately us $ 220 billion of profits in less for the sector. The automotive industry will face a desert of profits difficult, and will return to the volumes 2019 in three or four years. In this recovery, contrary to the old normal pre-2020, has the mobility to the private intelligent.

The side Houses, one example is Ford, which in six months has lost about 600,000 registrations. You can count on european funds, to develop a great plan for the future of mobility as was done by the French: in the 28 pages have established and funded the actions necessary to equip the Country with a network of capillary columns charging and to become a leader in the production of batteries.

At the macro level, The European House – Ambrosetti has that the world will lose by taking the sum of the decrease in net loss and projected growth in 2020, around 8.5% of Gdp. For Italy, the return to normal is estimated to be about 5 or 6 years, but much depends on how will use the resources, european funds especially.