F1, Imola back on the calendar. And this is a golden opportunity

The circuit of Imola back in the great circus world, and will host the GP of f, 1 next 1 November. It is a return important because it establishes the return in the great circus world, and it allows organisers to have a basis on which to build the future. It would be a shame, in the year of the upheaval of the lives of billions of people, miss out on this opportunity in which the calendars have been radically changed.

And the paradox is that precisely in the year of the great pandemic, Italy will host the GP, something that has never happened in modern times. If the Mugello, the commitment appears to be one-off in celebration of the 1000 GP of Ferrari, Imola could be the big return to the world. Simply because the path has a unique value in many modern plants do not have. It is a true track, where it counts for the pilot and where the ups and downs put to the test the mechanical. In short, the real stuff, not artificial chicane and return bends drawn on the computer.

Missing the rest, that the adequate facilities for a regular pace, with the public and all the presences in the paddock. In view of this possible return to full-time, the race at Imola has to be spurred. Also, the presence of Emirates, the main sponsor of the event, will serve to attract attention to those important markets, where the charm of what is Imola and its supply chain, it is not at all indifferent. And’ a ticket to visit the world, which must not fall into the void.

The day after the race would be the case that the political authorities and the local business, you sit around a table and begin to think of the circuit as a excellence of the territory, as an industry that produces employment and income, such as a gym yet where fans can learn safe driving and stay away from the dangers of the streets. Imola has all of this, can improve and should do so. Review the F. 1 after 14 years, will make a certain effect and it will be a shock beneficial for all the stakeholders need to come together and understand how important it is to share.

A opportunity will not be repeated, perhaps never more. Demonstrate how to manage, and know how to invest on the future, starts from here. And then, welcome back Imola , in the hope that the new format of two days (qualifications and testing to the Saturday, race on Sunday) prelude to a F. 1 of the tomorrow, is also the first day of school for the great return of the autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari.