Genius at the wheel to try the slide, but ends up on the gard rail. Then escapes, but there were cameras

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A boy of Chiarano, the province of Treviso, got into trouble following a traffic accident that could cost his skin. The young man, in fact, was at the wheel of his car when – in an attempt to tackle a roundabout skids on the full – he lost control of the vehicle. The car is like crazy, going to crash into the gard rail. And it was fortunate that the barrier is able to withstand the shock, given that at that point there is a slope of several meters of height that ends up on the river Piavon. After recovering from the shock, the young man looked around and fled, in spite of the damage to the car. Didn’t realize, however, that the entire area of the roundabout was under the control of a surveillance camera. For the investigators, it was enough to review the images to trace the driver, who was tracked down and fined, and shall also bear the costs for the accommodation of the barrier.