Jaguar Land Rover: the touch screen becomes predictive

NO CONTACT – The group Jaguar Land Rover presents a new screen sensitive-touch type predictive able, therefore, to ensure a level of hygiene superior to the classic touchscreen (see video below). The why is easy to understand: unlike the touch screen that we know today, and that is used both on smartphones and on the media systems of the car, the Predictive Touch, this is his name, does not require the direct contact between the finger of the user and the screen itself.

READS THE POSITION OF the FINGER – As it is understood from the word, the technology, exploiting theartificial intelligence and a series of sensors, is able to predict the element on the screen chosen by the user. For example, putting your finger (and hold) before the application of the music streaming Spotify, this will open. Being compatible also with the gesture (gestures) it will then be possible to dial a telephone number, or adjust the climate without actually touching the screen. The “magic” is possible thanks to the detector of gestures that use sensors to control the visual or radio frequency by combining with the profile of the driver, with the data detected by other sensors that track the gaze of the user to anticipate their intentions.
MORE COMFORTABLE TO OPERATE – According to Jaguar Land Rover, this touch, which was jointly developed with the University of Cambridge, decreases the interaction, the time it takes the drive, and is also more secure; for example, use the touch screen along a road surface irregular and uneven, is quite complex, with the potential risk for the driver to divert eyes from the road, thus increasing the probability of accidents. Also, at the same time, limits the spread of bacteria and viruses, because it is not necessary to touch the display. According to the company, this solution for drug contactless can be integrated in the touchscreen, and display, existing, provided they are available, the sensors can support the algorithm.