Road accidents: in 2019, less dead and injured

In the european ranking, Italy is the sixteenth place: not a position that is exciting, since we’re talking about road accidents and their consequences.

The photography of Aci and Istat certifies that in Italy in 2019 decrease the deaths (3.173 against 3.334, 2018, equal to -4,8%), while remained stable for the wounded (241.384, against the 242.919 2018: 0.6%) and accidents (172.183 compared to 172.553 twelve months earlier, a decrease of 0.2%), but with a tendency to decline.

A death is ascribed to the category of vulnerable users (pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists), while the social costs of road accidents are estimated at 16.9 billion euros, equal to 1% of the national GDP.

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“While the data show a decrease in crashes, deaths and injuries – stresses, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, president of Automobile Club d’italia – on the other record, unfortunately, the number of victims in vulnerable groups, particularly between cyclists and users of two wheels in general. If the car remains the main means of transport, increases the number of those who choose the forms of soft mobility in the city, such as the micro-mobility: this involves the respect of the rules by all, and above all, the realization of adequate infrastructures and dedicated paths. The road safety must be a priority, always looking to the rules of the Road, but, above all, using the utmost caution to the edge of any means of transportation: car, bike, electric bike or scooter, as well as in walking”.

In the European Union, in 2019, decreased the number of victims of road accidents: a little more than 24,000, compared to the 25.191 of the previous year (down 2.3%); and in Italy every million inhabitants occurred 52,6 deaths per incident, while they are of 48.1 in the EU: this confirms our Country at the 16th place in the ranking of european.

“They came almost at the end of the decade on road safety – said Gian Carlo Blangiardo, president of Istat – the 2020 target of halving the number of victims of road accidents is still too far away, in Italy: in spite of the improvements registered in 2019, the number of deaths on the roads, especially for the most vulnerable users, remains very high. The commitment will be to focus on the target indicated by the european agenda for 2030 and long-term oriented towards the “vision zero” 2050″.

The groups most at risk

The analysis of the Aci-Ista indicates that the age groups most at risk are those young people between 20 and 29 years (466 deaths: 14,7% of total; 75 deaths per one million residents) and elderly people between 75 and 89 years (571 deaths: 18% of the total; 90,8 deaths per million residents); for men to detect peaks in three age groups, 50-54 (223 dead), 20-24 (212), 45-49 (207); for women, frequencies for age 75-89 (153 deaths in total).

Stable, in 2019, the fatalities among children 0-14 years (35 compared to 34 the previous year): in this regard, the many initiatives for the protection of children in the car and awareness-raising campaigns for the safety of children it is hoped, will lead to better results and enable you to reach the goal of “no deaths on the roads for the children.”

Among drivers involved in crashes is very high the number of those between 40 and 54 years old (29,2%), followed by young people between 20 and 29 years of age (18,3%), but there are proportions also high among the elderly (9.2% with age 70 years and older) compared to the licensees, the probability of being involved in an accident is highest in the very young, while decreases starting from 25 years: between 20 and 24 years and the ratio of drivers/licence holders is equal to 13 per thousand, in the age adult (35 and 49 years), 8 per thousand, for the elderly, however, the 5 per thousand.

Also in relation to the population the involvement of the drivers is higher for the age classes 20-24 and 25-29 years, with values, respectively, equal to 9.7 and 9 per thousand inhabitants.

The two wheels are the most exposed

The rising of the dead meant, in particular cyclists (253 2019; +15.5%) and motorcyclists (698; +1,6%), which will confirm among the categories most at risk; reduce the deaths for pedestrians (534; a-12.7%) and mopeds (88; -18,5%).

The increase to two figures of cyclists is associated with a rise of 3.3% of road accidents in which are involved and a greater diffusion of the use of the two wheels to travel.

On the whole, vulnerable road users represent 49,6% of the deaths (1.573 about 3.173); in 2019, in addition, there were 1.411 fatalities among drivers and passengers of passenger cars (-0,8%), and 137 between the occupants of the vehicles for the transport of goods (-27,5%).

Where and why accidents?

In 2019 has slightly increased the number of accidents in the city (127.000; +0.2%) and decreased on motorways (lire 9,076; -3,8%) and more content on two-lane rural roads (36.107; -0,7%); decrease injuries in all areas: in the city (168.794; -0,5%), highway (15.009; -3,4%) and on two-lane rural roads (57.581; -0,3%).

You record fewer deaths within the population centers (1.331; -5,0%), highway (310; -6,1%) and rural roads (1.532; -4,4%) and diventa important to the decline of the dead in the large Municipalities (-22%).

The first three causes of accidents in 2019 are a distraction to the driving, non-compliance of the above, or a traffic light, speed too high (85.457 claims, equal to 38.2% of the circumstances).

Among the other most significant causes: the failure to respect the safety distance (20.207), maneuver irregular (15.574), improper behaviour towards pedestrians (7.800) or pedestrians (6.647), the presence of holes or obstacles, accidental (6.458), respectively, apply to 9%, 7%, 3.5%, 3% and 2.9% of the total claims.

On urban roads, the cause of the accident is the disrespect of precedence or traffic lights (16,6%), followed by distracted driving (14,1%); on two-lane rural roads, distracted driving or performance undecided (17.9 percent), failure to safe distance (12,8%) and speed too high (12,2).

Infringements more widespread

Last year the penalties for violations of the Code of the Road have increased 6.7%: the main items, in addition to exceeding speed limits (2.525.283), they see to the first places by the breach of observance of the signs (410.933; +12,4%), the non-lens use or misuse of the phone (162.363; +18.6%), and non-use of safety belts and restraint systems of children (257.234; +26,7%).

Sign more also for the penalties for driving in a state of alcoholic intoxication (42.485; +8,4%), decreased, however, those for driving under the influence of drugs (5.340; -1,2%).

Finally, August is confirmed the month the most dangerous for serious accidents (2,2 deaths every 100 accidents); on two-lane rural roads comprise 5 deaths every 100 accidents, while June and July are the ones with the most accidents in complex, respectively 16.916 and 16.481.

Of the night (between 22 and 6 in the morning) and during the hours of darkness increase and the index of mortality which the of harm (deaths and injuries per 100 accidents), and it is very high, the mortality rate for pedestrians and cyclists in the hours of the night on two-lane rural roads.