Toll roads in the whole of the EU? The shock proposal from Germany

More than a proposal, a provocation, or the result of a kick of heat from the German press agency Reuters comes the indiscretion relating to a project (at the moment in an embryonic stage and circulated in a manner only reserved) designed by the Ministry of Transport, Berlin (where, remember, the highways are still free) that would include rake a payment to transit on a network that is constructed by the main european roads for all vehicles (motorcycles included) and the only exception is for coaches and buses.

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Really a beautiful thought, that of the minister Andreas Scheuer and his technicians: within eight years, you should get to the movement to payment in the member States.

The first reactions from within the same government led by Angela Merkel, seem to have been to the contrary: the proposal is not only not part of the agenda of work, but it is feared, above all, its impact among the general public, who would see it as yet another set to load a category among the most targeted.

The motivation of the one that currently appears as the fruit of a poisoned of a sleepless night after the revelry in the pub, would be to make it less crowded roads, with a reduction of polluting emissions and the parallel growth of electric mobility, which would be exempted from any form of toll.

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