Travel safe and comfortable: it is also a matter of planning

STARTING WITH a CLEAR idea of the Holiday is synonymous with travel and the trip often includes a car. This is even more true today because the coronavirus has instilled a certain amount of distrust towards public transport. Let’s get on the road with our car, and then, not without having loaded with policy luggagehere to learn more). The road, however, is not a simple environment, and therefore, it is necessary to take into account many factors, and also leave a margin for the unexpected. Mind you, we’re not planning a space exploration, but also a journey to do best with a minimum of planning.

TRAVEL WITH WHO? – We start from the assumption that you are starting not to an adventure random but you have to go from location a To B, for a probable duration of the travel of X hours. The first thing to think about is: who is traveling with us? There are children, people elderly or with special needs, their needs should be taken into account, but luckily the internet can help. Advice to all: with the children the concept “arrive early as possible” loses its meaning, because the small have need to stop, get distracted and maybe run a little. Same with the elderly that may have need of a stop to use the toilet. If we have children or the elderly should be informed as to our final destination (or various stages) are accessible to them.

HOT, PUBLIC ENEMY N°1 – older people suffer particularly warm but they feel a little thirst: offer them a drink even if you are not asking for anything. The heat is still the enemy of all: some studies have found that the driver overheated and has shimmer misted as if he were drunk. If the trip is not very long, say within 5-6 hours, you could start in the early afternoon: you will suffer the heat at the beginning, but you should be meeting in the cool of the evening. A strategy to avoid the traffic is to arrive in the most treacherous time of dining: the experience says that the vast majority of motorists stopped to eat, leaving the roads freer. We know that the air conditioning on, used well, helps a lot, but we can also arrange the stages in the places that can give you relief: the beach is isolated, in the forest, two steps away from the road and things like that.

THE DIGITAL HELP – Today, it is still easier to avoid traffic and to program the stops because there are many online services that give real-time information and planning tools. The institutional site of, for example, provides both theme tours is the place to visit the region for the region. Other sites (and their apps) are navigation tools that give you even additional information. Via Michelin, for example, suggests the fastest route, shortest, tourist routes or recommends one of his own. Indicating the day and time of departure use historical data to plot the fastest route. Indicating the car model ViaMichelin will also indicate the most cost-effective, the sum of the fuel costs at the tolls. Google Maps needs no introduction because it is very versatile, both on the computer is on the app, and can give traffic information in real-time. It is easy to set up alternative routes, and downloading the route you will have to navigate even where there is no signal. The service also combines the data of the public transportation, a possibility that also Here, there is on the app. We can also mention Waze, very social, and that integrates a function of carpooling, which allows you to find fellow travelers with whom to share the costs and also the boredom.