Uber Summer: move into the city… with the discount!

Good news for those who this summer will remain in the cities: Rome, Milan or Turin, the services of Uber are available with significant discounts, thanks to the formula’s Summer, which can reach the places of relaxation with very convenient rates.

For example, in Milan you arrive from any point of the city, the BAM Park, the beach, at the Library of the Trees, or at the Idroscalo, by paying an amount discounted by 25% compared to traditional service Uber Black.

Uber Summer integrates all the features of Uber Black: l, it is possible to know in advance the driver, the model of the machine and the cost of travel; make the payment via the app; the ability to share the fare with other passengers; using the safety toolkit when you travel solo.

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As for Uber Black, Uber Summer always offers a safe, secure experience, thanks to the measures introduced by time: Check You Ride, to verify the matching of the license plate, make and model of the car and the photo of the driver with those on the application; verification of the PIN code, a function that allows the passenger to have a number to communicate to the driver before boarding, thus introducing a further element of safety.

Uber’s Summer, finally, ensures you a quiet time of Covid , thanks to special measures that protect everyone: the obligation for drivers to wear the mask and its control through mask for verification before going on-line; regular sanitization of the car and the supply of disinfectants for the hands for the clients; possibility to cancel a trip without penalty if a customer does not wear a mask or cover for the face; the new feedback system for the reporting of cases where a driver not wearing the mask.