In the August issue – Exclusive: F. 1, that’s why Ayrton Senna went to Ferrari

In 1991, Ayrton Senna would have had to run to the Ferrari, which, however, was not to be. Why? In the last thirty years, around this story have been done many speculations, without ever arriving at a definitive truth. The August issue of Quattroruote is clarity once and for all on the subject thanks to the revolutions exclusive, Piero Fusaro, at the time, Ferrari president, that for the first time has agreed to tell how they went really things. Already in march 1990, in fact, Cesare Fiorio, ambassador plenipotentiary of the horse, had started the courtship of the brazilian champion in the aftermath of the brazilian Grand Prix, won just by Prost with the Red. The negotiations went, but for long, since Ayrton very scrupulous and attentive to every little clause. Arrived on the 9th of July, after the Grand Prix of France, which had seen the emergence Prost with Ferrari, an agreement was however reached and the contract is ready for signatures. At that point, however, it was the unpredictable.

Straight to the summit. To start the operation, the only thing missing was the ratification of the vertices of the Ferrari and the Fiat group. “The contract was in my hands,” he tells today, Fusaro a, Quattroruote, “but Alain Prost, bypassing hierarchies, asked for a private interview to Gianni Agnelli, who would have been granted. At the exit from the interview, Prost officially declared to have been confirmed at Ferrari for the 1991 season. In that moment, I was caught off guard and, in respect of the business hierarchies, I consulted with Romiti regard to the signature to be affixed on the contract for the Ayrton Senna, also because the confirmation of Alain Prost in the team excluded automatically for the presence of the brazilian champion”. The two drivers, in fact, were absolutely incompatible, after the tensions that have emerged within the McLaren in’88.

No yielding. Fusaro, in his narrative of exclusive, remember to have insisted on the opportunity of the engagement of the Seine, which would have had a positive impact also on the image of Fiat in Brazil, a market of great importance for the turin-based company. “The repeated insistence” says Fusaro, “ended with a “no!” and the confirmation of Prost, not being able to be challenged, a choice which, I think, or wrongly, was attributed, now officially, to Gianni Agnelli”. So it was the executive board of the Ferrari, which was also part of Cesare Romiti (who, when asked about it, he confirmed to Quattroruote the accuracy of this version of the facts), decide not to ratify the agreement with the Seine. That, therefore, he continued his career at McLaren, winning the title of ’91, before moving on, in ’94, the Williams and meet the tragic fate of Imola. Prost, however, would have been fired from Maranello in the course of ’91 for his sarcastic comments on the single-seater, called 642; after a year’s sabbatical, you would eventually champion in ’93 with the Williams.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.