Audi e-tron: here comes the new MIB 3

NEW INFOTAINMENT system – about a year after its debut in dealerships, for the suv’s electric Audi e-tron comes the new multimedia system MIB 3, which, compared with the previous MIB 2+, can rely on greater computing power (thanks to superior hardware that ensures more reactivity), on the integration of the services of Audi Connect and voice assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, on the updates via the internet and on the presence of the eSIM (installed permanently on the car). These novelties brought in dowry from MIB 3, in addition to allowing constant connection with the internet, allow the update of the navigation maps (takes place on a monthly basis and charging points.

UPDATE ONLY – these updates also benefits from the features of travel planning (trip planner), which, crossing the real-time updates of traffic, the availability of the balusters and the driving style of the user, offers the best route. Another novelty is the presence in the cockpit of theAudi e-tron of new sockets, Usb type-C, which replace the previous Usb-A for connection and charging of the smartphones of the passengers. Latest news the integration of the sound system Avas (acronym of Audible Vehicle Alert System) and is able to play a sound when the car is running up to a speed of 20 km/h.

The PRICES go up – THEAudi e-tron is also available in the version Sportback (photo above), with the back more streamlined, inspired by the coupe. There are four versions, available in three versions (the e-tron, business and S-Line): e-tron 50 quattro (313 HP and battery from 71 kWh with 300 km of autonomy), the e-tron 55 four (408 HP, the peak power and the battery from 95 kWh with autonomy declared more than 400 km), the e-tron Sportback 50 quattro and e-tron Sportback 55 four. By virtue of the updates have been revised the prices of the price list, starting from 73.200 (e-tron 50 four) until you get to 95.850 € (Sportback 55 quattro S-Line). They have currently been absent versions S.