Bridge Genoa San Giorgio – The first car to pass will be that of Mattarella

The first car to pass on the Bridge of Genoa , San Giorgio, that will be inaugurated on the resent 3 August, will be that of the president of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. To anticipate some of the details prior to the ceremony, scheduled for 18.30, was the NINETEENTH Century.

Enrolled also the Arrows Tricolor. The car with on-board Mattarella will pass on the roadway side of the sea, the chosen place for the cutting of the ribbon, after the curve at the exit of the gallery of Crowned. Invited and authority will find a place on the other carriageway. The event will also be accompanied by an exhibition of the Frecce Tricolori.

Automata surveillance. In the meantime, after the testing of the Coil is completed the assembly of robots that have the task to verify the status of the integrity of the bridge. The devices, designed by the Italian Institute of Technology and manufactured by Camozzi group, on commission of the Ati formed between Seastema and Cetena (the Fincantieri group) take advantage of cameras and sensors for monitoring. There are a total of four, and will be in operation by next autumn, as soon as the service systems of the system will be completed.

Distinct tasks. Installed to the sides of the infrastructure, two robots (Robot Inspection) shall inspect the lower surface of the floor and process the data in order to detect any anomalies; the other two (referred to as the Robot Wash) clean the barriers windproof and solar panels. These will roll on the rails to the exterior of the new viaduct and allow you to check the health state by sending the images and the acquired data to a control center: it will be made up of a digital database which, through the use of specific analysis algorithms, will enable the operator to intervene preventively with any maintenance action.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.