CES Las Vegas, in 2021 will be only virtual

Also the CES in Las Vegas turn to the emergency COVID-19: the organisers of the exhibition dedicated to the technology, have announced that theedition 2021, in January, will take place exclusively in virtual mode. Impossible, in view of the current situation in the United States, think of being able to concentrate thousands of people in the same place. “With the growing global concerns on the health for the spread of the Covid-19, it is not possible to call in security tens of thousands of people in Las Vegas at the beginning of January 2021 to meet and do business in person,” reads a note in the Consumer Technology Association, which organizes the event.

In recent years, the CES in Las Vegas has attracted an increasing number of car manufacturers. The technological aspect of the cars becomes more and more important, so much prefer to many manufacturers, the ETUC to the car shows traditional. In 2021, however you will need to be satisfied to show their news online. And, for the 2021, you already got the heavy defection of the Geneva motor show, that, after the last minute cancellation of a few months ago, will not take place even next year. If by Paris haven’t arrived yet precise directions with the new format for 2020, Bangkok recently held the first fair of the car in the presence of the post COVID. Space to the beautiful hostess, but with a protective shield, which does not obscure the smile, but protects from the possibility of contagion. This is the new normal.