Electric cars – Pininfarina will design the gigafactory to Britishvolt in Wales

Pininfarina expands its commitment in the world of electric mobility: after the agreements with different companies for the design of platforms or electric cars, the turin-based company has entered into a collaboration with the English Britishvolt for the construction of the first gigafactory batteries in the United Kingdom.

The project. The plant will be built on an area of 250 thousand square metres in the former base of the Raf in Bro Tathan, in Wales, not far from the new site of production of the Aston Martin of St Athan. The project of the Britishvolt expected to start production of battery cells in 2023, with an initial capacity of 10 GWh to increase up to 30 GWh once you have completed all the investments. The English company, together with the partners, scottish Amte Power, plans to invest up to 4 billion pounds (4.4 billion euros) to create a structure able to replicate the size of the battery factory of Tesla in Nevada. The entire project is supported not only by institutions in wales, to the employment impact (we are talking of at least 4 thousand direct jobs), but also by national authorities, interested in promoting the transition to electric battery production to maintain a solid automotive industry on the whole british territory.

The role of turin. Pininfarina will play an important role in the construction of the new factory because, relying on its experience in the field of automotive design and electric mobility, to design a structure that is able to blend in with the surrounding environment, which is open to the needs of the local community and is sustainable from an industrial point of view.”The objective of the Britishvolt to become the first manufacturer in the world of batteries, zero emissions – says the ceo and founder Orral Nadjari – aligns perfectly with the experience of Pininfarina in the creation of environments that are innovative, ecological and high-tech. The attention of Pininfarina, the social impact is what led us to establish this partnership, as demonstrated by the careful selection of sustainable materials that take into account the entire life cycle of the building. The balance between the pioneering design and the understanding of the local culture is precisely what Britishvolt is proud to carry forward”. “We are proud to partner with Britishvolt to a project as ambitious, thus contributing to the creation of the largest manufacturing plant of batteries of the United Kingdom and carrying forward the evolution of electric mobility,” adds the ceo of Pininfarina, Silvio Angori. “We have always focused on the combination of timeless design and social and environmental sustainability, both in automotive design and in architecture. Sustainable design is not an option that should be considered: it is a commitment that is unavoidable in order to create social and economic value for future generations.”

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.