Gualtieri: “New funds for incentives drive”

The availability of 25 billion euros, the result of the deviation of the budget will also see the automotive industry among the users of the new liquidity: this is what you said Roberto Gualtieri, the minister of the Economy, answering some of the questions before referring the matter to the parliamentary colleagues on the next NRP (National Reform Plan) and on the deviation of the budget, that will make available 25 billion euros as requested by the Executive.

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The more resources, said Gualtieri, will be used “for employment, taxation and liquidity, local authorities, education, the Government wants to intervene and make more selective the Igc also introducing incentives to the assumptions; moreover, the decree of August will also provide interventions for the automotive industry and tourism”.

It is evident and confirmed the willingness of the Government to support the recovery of the national economy and consumption, arguing with important contributions to the purchase of new cars, at least until the end of the year.

The declaration of the Minister, moreover, it is a clear signal of acceptance of the request that arrived from the associations to increase substantially the amount so far allocated for the incentives, judged by the same widely insufficient compared to the demand for fleet renewal, which could be determined in Italy in the coming months.