Hyundai – Revolution i20: we wizard preview

Shaded the debut expected at the Geneva motor show, the third generation of the Hyundai i20 is almost ready to land on the Italian market. The five-door Korean will arrive in dealerships only in October, but we have already had the opportunity of touching it with the hand and guide a preview of a sample of pre-series.

A true revolution. The i20 is the first Hyundai to follow the new style of the House baptized Sensuous Sportiness, sportiness and sensual. The body has a shape, athletic and is lower (-24 mm) and wider (+30 mm) of the ancestor, in respect of which grow on the step (+10 mm) and overall length (+5 mm, for a total of 404 cm). The sensuality is instead the daughter of a skilful alternation of lines and curves and tight, and of convex and concave surfaces. Other distinguishing marks are the original upright back, the lights that stretch towards the side and the bumper, so shouldered to make it look like the car wider.

Minimalism and hi-tech. The interior has a unique look, with details from the modern appearance and technology, and a few buttons are concentrated on the console. Many commands can be managed by voice or through the central touch-screen, which measures 10,25 inches on exemplary productions of the most complete and 8 inches on those of access to the range. Common to all is instead of the digital equipment, always by 10,25 inch, that change color and graphics depending on the driving mode selected between Comfort, Eco or Sport.

In step with the times. The infotainment system is the latest generation, with some of the advanced features, still not spread in the category, such as inductive charging for smartphones and wireless connectivity for the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In the presence of the package Bluelink board services may include traffic information in real time about the availability of car parks and on the price of fuel in the vicinity of the car.

Travel in the space. The dashboard and the door panels are the many horizontal lines to emphasize the spaciousness of the passenger compartment. The driving position is comfortable and the cm also abound in the area back, both legs, both head. Even the central place is so much sacrificed, with the floor almost flat and only a slight swelling of the backrest. The luggage compartment has a declared capacity of 351 litres, 25 more than on the previous model, has a regular shape and a slight difference in level between the threshold and the load floor. It is impossible to give, instead, a judgement on the finishes, with many panels still plastic raw instead of permanent ones.

Is there an affinity pair. At launch, the range of the Hyundai i20 will be composed of three engines, all gasoline-powered. It is a 1.2 naturally aspirated 84 HP, and two variants of the three-cylinder 1.0 T-Gdi, a 100 HP and 172 Nm of torque and the other 120 HP and 200 Nm. The latter is always associated with a system of mild hybrid 48V, available as an option on the less powerful version, that will be the likely best-seller on the Italian market. In our first contact we have driven this a thousand turbo, mated to a robotized gearbox Dct dual-clutch with seven relations, which constitutes a practical alternative to the new six-speed manual iMT. Engine and gearbox make an excellent team. The first has a lively temperament right from the low revs and a progression adjust, also thanks to the contribution of the electric unit provides additional torque in the starting phase. The second engages the gear one after the other with gentleness and discrete timing.

A double personality. So configured, the Hyundai i20 is well suited to various types of use. The generational gap has made it more machine that is valid as a coach to your family, but also suitable for more young people. If guided carefully, the little Korean you can get closer to the finish line of the 20 km/litre, but with his brio is ready to satisfy even those who want a more dynamic driving. With 17-inch wheels and tires, 215/45, the i20 uses well the calibration is supported on the trim and draw the trajectories with precision. The reverse side of the coin is represented by some damage to the rough, while staying on the subject of comfort, the noise is overall good.

First rumors about the prices. The price of the i20 is still under definition, but some rough information already leaked, starting from the fact that there will be three versions. The rich may take the name Bose from high-quality stereo system with seven speakers, that will be the flagship to its budget. The intermediate version should already mount series the big screen in the center of the dashboard and many of the safety systems and driver assistance available on this model. In the catalog i20, it must be remembered, stand out the innovative system of emergency braking, which recognises pedestrians and cyclists, the Smart Cruise Control that interacts with the maps of the navigator, the monitoring of the rear area in reverse and blind spots, the parking assistance, the maintenance of the lane and the automatic switch for the high beams. Without considering the incentives launched by the government, prices should start from around 16.500 euro, a threshold input, therefore, lower than that of the model outgoing.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.