In the August issue – safe Holidays, our votes to 101 service areas

This summer, more than ever, you will travel on our highways: but how secure are the service areas from the point of view of the protection against the risk of infection by coronavirus? We have found about Quattroruote-August, visiting 101 structures placed along the A1 Milan-Naples motorway, the A14 Bologna-Bari and the A16 Naples-Bari, verifying aspects such as the presence of the dispenser of gel at the entrance and the accesses to the self-service toilets, the reports on the floor of the positions to be observed in order to ensure an adequate distancing between people, the use or not of barriers of plexiglass to the defence of the counters of the bar, the use of protective devices such as masks and visors from the staff, the availability of gel and gloves at the pumps of refueling and so on. The results were not, in truth, encouraging, well-37.6% of the areas visited (38 to 101) was deemed insufficient from these points of view, and 38.6% is now barely enough or a little more. We have come across many areas that do not have a dispenser of gel at the entrances and in the areas of self-service restaurants, with indications of the spacing on the floor that are difficult to understand or already illegible, with staff from the masks lowered or even do not wear. In general, the areas managed by Autogrill were better equipped from this point of view, with a divider of plexiglass are installed on the bar counters and the staff wearing, in addition to the mask, the protective shield; at the other extreme, the areas of competence of the Sarni revealed a low level of attention compared to the risks of contagion. Between the two extremes are areas, less numerous, other operators, such as Chef Express, My Chef and ripstop cotton, that better results could be achieved with few additional measures.

The overall judgement. The survey, which Quattroruote held annually on the various highway arteries, has also been applied to other significant aspects. The results, precisely because of the attention this year on the theme of the Covid-19, are worse than the ones obtained from a similar investigation conducted on the same highways in the summer of 2018. In particular, 29.7% of the areas of service he deserved the rejection, in the face of only one deemed worthy of a tap on the ballot to a maximum of 4.5 out of 5 stars). One of the problems emerged again in all its severity is the lack of attention towards users with disabilities, which has led to the rejection, under this profile, 41.6% of the areas visited. Too often we still come across barriers to access and bathroom facilities locked or accessible upon request to the employees of the ara service. A negative aspect that we never tire of emphasising. Overall, 67.3% of the areas he deserved a worse evaluation than the 2018, 26.7% have maintained their own judgment, and only 5.9% had improved.

The best and the worst. The oscar for the best area to go, Quattroruote, at Secchia Ovest, on the Autostrada del Sole in the vicinity of Modena: a structure, managed by Autogrill, Eataly, and It had reported for its excellence in 2018, and that, since then, it has lost only half of the star for a reception in respect of the disabled is not yet flawless. Repetition of the total, however, for the area of the Gargano to the West of the A14 (near Foggia, management Sarni/Q8), which is considered inadequate under all points of view.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.