Liguria – Yards motorways, Mit: “Ready to assess the damage suffered by businesses”

The ministry of Infrastructures and Transports has declared himself available “to enable an audit trail of the damage resulting from the delays on the motorways, the ligurian”: he said the minister Paola De Micheli on the sidelines of the presentation of the social report of Enac.

The encounter in the view. “I hope to be able to reconstruct a path to an objective assessment of the damage and then we can get to a solution for businesses that have suffered for these shipyards,” added the owner of Mit. Soon, De Micheli will meet with a delegation of the committee to Save Genoa and Liguria, to discuss the economic impacts generated by the construction sites set up for the controls on the tunnels imposed by the ministry of Autostrade per l’italia: the committee, which is composed of associations and citizens, had calculated that in the past few days, a loss of a monthly billion euro for the whole of the regional economy.

Aspi: “Inspections be completed within today.” On the other hand, the difficulties are not yet resolved: on the A12 were recorded four miles of tail between Recco and Genoa in the east, in the direction of Genoa; on the A10 three miles between Varazze and Arenzano; on the A7 motorway, three kilometres of hold ups in the direction of Milan between Genova Sampierdarena and the intersection of the A7/A12 Genova-Livorno, on the A12, the queue of two kilometers in the direction of Genoa, Genoa east and the junction of the A12/A7 Milano-Genova. Aspi has announced today the end of the inspections in the 285 galleries of Liguria, pronosticando a return to normal traffic by August 2.

The new ownership structure of the concessionaire. The time schedule of the works is at the centre of disputes between the ministry of Infrastructure and Aspi, with the Mit, which has objected to in a letter, the failure to respect the timing (July 28, according to the ministry), and seems willing to make a request for compensation to the dealer. The minister De Micheli is then expressed with regard to the agreement on the new corporate structure of the Aspi, which should be achieved in a short time: “Obviously there is a negotiation, but I believe that the true breakthrough has been that of replacing the State in its role of guarantor and controller, decided by the Council of ministers”, said De Micheli.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.