Overwhelmed on the strips, in Milan, while crosses with the electric scooter [VIDEO]

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Still a bad accident on a scooter in the Italian city. This time it happened in Milan, italy, via the Circus and the Square Meana, and the whole scene was filmed by the camera of a taxi. The video then became viral online and has been circulated by the head of Milan Today. In the crash was injured in a non-serious, a guy of 29 years who was crossing the road with his truck, electric pedestrian crossings. Committing, therefore, an infringement, as with the bike, you can’t cross the road on the strips remain at the edge of the scooter. It should also be said, however, that in spite of the proximity of an intersection and the pedestrian crossing, the motorist does not slow down. To establish the possible responsibility will be the authorities that, while what happened, as the umpteenth episode in a matter of a few weeks ago tronare strongly topical the theme of the safety of these new means of urban mobility.