PSA: in 2023, the platform dedicated to electrical

ARRIVE IN 2023 – Carlos Tavares, ceo of the Groupe PSA, according to european manufacturer in terms of delivery, in the occasion of the publication of the financial results for the first quarter of 2020 (here to learn more), has revealed some of the details of the change of strategy for electric vehicles. The novelty is called eVMPis the acronym of platform modular for electric vehicles, whose debut is expected in 2023 on the occasion of the marketing of the third generation of the suv, the Peugeot 3008.

VERSATILE – The use of the platform eVMP compared to the current “hybrid” e-CMP ” is used (also known as EMP2), in addition to the electric Opel Corsa, the 208, 3008 and DS AND-tense, also for the counterparts thermal, will allow the installation of battery banks from 60 to 100 kWh, with a range of up to 650 km, engines, single or double (for a total power of 340 HP), in addition to having more space inside the vehicle.

EVOLUTION REASONED – The eVMP is a substantial evolution of the CMP. Then, unlike the latter, is born for the models with the petrol engine, which later was adapted for the electrical, the eVMP has been designed specifically for the car battery of medium and large-sized (segment C and D), but, if needed, can also be used for the hybrid.

ALSO FOR THE FCA – The introduction of the new platform, which will be used in the cars of the FCA after the merger with the PSA, will achieve a cost reduction. In 2025 will reach also an evolution of the current e-CMP that Tavares has called the “totally smart-and-CMP “, which will be used for the evolution of the electric currently in the price list.