Toyota WeHybrid: the insurance with the km in electric free

A complete system of technology and services developed around the concept of mobility is hybrid: WeHybrid was born with the objective to promote the sustainable mobility with zero emissions, in which the main protagonist is the customer who uses the the car.

Toyota has opted for a technology “user friendly”, which allows you access to direct benefits, such as the reduction of cost of ownership, and indirect, for example in the field of mobility services integrated.

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WeHybrid Insurance

Insurance simple and transparent, the cost of which is determined by the behavior of guide and not from the master data, by place of residence, or other parameters that usually determine the insurance premium.

WeHybrid Insurance offers a coverage of the RCA, the extent of which depends on the mileage driven with the combustion engine switched on: in fact, the cost per kilometer, the equivalent of only 4 cents of euro (which become 5 by activating the coverage Comprehensive Collision, in addition to the RCA), is not applied to the mileage with the help of the only electric motor that are entirely free.

With WeHybrid Insurance, so motorists whose driving style to maximize the use in the electrical, as well as contribute to the reduction of consumption and emissions, will receive tangible benefits on the insurance premium, saving youthe prize, in fact, is not paid in advance, but calculated monthly based on the mileage in EV.

And grazien the technological evolution of the Full system and the Hybrid system of the New Yaris, you can get significant savings compared to a traditional policy.

WeHybrid Service

High mileage in electric mode allow you to minimize not only fuel consumption and emissions, but also the wear and tear of many components of the car and, therefore, the cost of maintenance.

For this, thanks to the program WeHybrid Service, it is possible, compared with 50% of the mileage in EV mode in a given period, a discount on maintenance, starting from the first coupon, discount will further increase in the case where the percentage of kilometres travelled without resorting to the internal combustion engine exceeds 60%.

WeHybrid Challenge

How many will buy the new Yaris, the WeHybrid Challenge based on the percentage of mileage in the electric, easily monitorable with the activation of the related services, through the app MyT and improved thanks to the suggestions of the Hybrid Coach, will be able to earn the amount of credits green“, which can be converted into a voucher to spend on Kinto Go, the platform for integrated mobility of the Toyota Group, such as, for example, pay for parking or buy tickets for public transport or for events in many Italian cities covered by the service (info.

The WeHybrid Challenge, the WeHybrid Service and the WeHybrid Insurance, are only the first examples of an ecosystem of technology and services that will be expanded in the future: for Toyota, the technological innovation is functional to add value to the quality of life of the individual and of society.