Toyota WeHybrid: the more the guide is green, the greater the savings

GUIDE GREEN – On the market by September 2020, the new generation of the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is equipped with a more efficient hybrid system 116 HP, 15 more than the previous hybrid system, which allows it to travel up to 35.7 km/l, according to the house. Also, thanks to the electric motor 80 HP, which works alongside the new gasoline 3-cylinder 1.5, the car ride more often with the electric power and will coast up to 130 km/h with the engine disconnected. To take advantage of the hybrid, serves a smooth and possibly without any sudden accelerate or braking, the Toyota wants to encourage through the new program of discounts and services WeHybrid.

FREE WITH The ELECTRIC – Who adheres to, you can subscribe to the insurance policy WeHybrid Insurance, where the premium for the insurance is not calculated on the basis of the city of residence, age, and the typical parameters chosen by the insurance, but according to the guide, “eco”: the kilometers driven with the electric motor, and therefore without polluting, are free, while those covered with the 1.5 to give traction cost 4 cents each; the price increases to 5 cents by choosing the insurance. The award of WeHybrid Insurance is calculated on a monthly basis according to mileage with the electric motor, therefore, the premium of insurance will not be paid in advance.

COUPONS DISCOUNTED – The same principle of incentives driving the “eco” is for WeHybrid Service: in a given period, if more than 50% of the mileage has come about thanks to the electric motor, the Toyota offers a discount on the first coupon. The discount becomes even more substantial in the case of mileage electric more than 60%. It is also planned to the WeHybrid Challenge, which offers credits to green based on the percentage of mileage in electric. The credits can be spend on the portal Kinto Go, which is managed by Toyota, for the purchase of tickets for public transport or events.