Toyota Yaris Hybrid – Is all new: we have wizard – VIDEO

It seems like yesterday, yet it was not yet started the twenty-first century when he made his debut in Italy, the first generation of the Toyota Yaris. Now we are at the fourth: it’s all new, from the platform and from the hybrid drive with a lithium-ion battery. Already available for order with prices starting from 21.550€, the small of Nagoya will have the task to repeat the success of the three previous generations, the choice of more than a million Italian customers.

Still under four metres. The new Yaris is the compact always, not zoomed in like the competition. It was and has remained below four metres, but now is no wider than five centimeters, and the lowest of the four. The space for the head, however, is unchanged, because the seats were placed at the lowest and have also been moved back six inches in order to center the masses. Not only. The center of gravity is closer to the ground than an inch and a half, and the bodyshell has been stiffened to reduce vibration and improve comfort.

Injection of dynamism. Looking at the Yaris, the differences that emerge are many. The lines are soft and rounded, there are fewer edges and more muscles, especially on the wheel arches. Not to mention the front, with the big grille was wide open towards the road, and a new look, frown pointed out by headlights full Led. Now the Yaris has more character and can pleasure also to the young people who seek a car from the attitude sporty. Nothing bad, and even the glance at the back with that strip in high-gloss black that joins the taillights, but that, to want to do the fussy, somewhat reminiscent of some models of the competition.

Everything in its place. In the cockpit, on the contrary, there is the rationality of the Toyota always. Dark tones, the bridge clean, all very orderly. A few physical buttons, only the ones of the air conditioner bizone, and on the frame of the screen from 8 inches at the centre of the dashboard, to facilitate entry in the various menus. Practical open shelves just under the vents of the air conditioning, thanks to which you can store objects of daily use that roam around the interior of the first curve. The materials are hard, it has to be said, but on the doors there is also fabric that makes everything a little more stylish. The bridge is well assembled, it seems made to last for a long time to conquer to the touch. From the driving position, easy to adjust according to different sizes, keep an eye on a digital instruments to the telescope, as defined by Toyota, complete and easy to read. Small, well-profiled the steering wheel offers a nice grip but it has so many buttons on the spokes, you have to learn to know them, on the first distract a bit.

Safety first. The fourth series of the Yaris also brought two gems among the optional head-up display 10-inch (still rare on this class of car, let alone of this magnitude) and the airbag between the front seats, which is indispensable to avoid the collision between the heads of those seated in front in the event of a side impact. And, speaking of safety, you need to recognize a budget very rich since the first exhibition. Series are provided for the automatic braking for emergency detection for pedestrians and cyclists, maintaining the trajectory, and cruise control adaptive with stop and automatic restart; translated, with the guidance of level 2. There is also assistance to emergency maneuvers which acts on the rotation of the steering wheel and at the intersections of the lateral and the icing on the cake, there is no lack of the Led lamps of the series since the second fitting Trend.

Habitability is not at the top. Is quite short the new Yaris: the space for those seated behind is not a record, but it was predictable. The technicians, however, have worked on the thickness and on the shape of the front seats, so as to leave more margin to the knees of the passengers of the second row. If ever, is the opening of the rear doors, not so wide, to create some problem to the most high. Chapter luggage capacity: 286 litres declared, exactly as before. A given average, if we take into account the 265 litres of the Peugeot 208 and of the matchless 350 litres of the Volkswagen Polo.

Now is the three-cylinder. Inside the hood of the new Yaris Hybrid the previous four-cylinder has given way to a three-cylinder 1.5-liter Atkinson-cycle, but 91 HP, 17 more than before. Also the electric motor has gained some power, now we are at 79 horses for the accuracy. The total power marks 116 HP against the 110 of the previous generation. But the real news is the battery, lithium-ion, about 1 kWh, and lighter than 12 kg, but above all more rapid in providing the thrust, compared to the previous nickel-metal-hydride batteries. The difference is felt, the recovery is more ready, even without awakening the petrol engine. At the traffic light, there is more of a snap. In electric, as before, you can walk along just a couple of kilometres, but also when the heat comes into play, it does tip-toe: the roar is quiet and you can’t hear any annoying vibrations.

Between the curves fun. There is a face of the new Yaris Hybrid that comes out when the road is full of bends. The steering wheel is smaller and vertically moved with good precision what happens under the wheels. The muzzle is inserted briskly into the curve, the support is sincere, there is no roll to speak of. You can feel the greater rigidity of the bodyshell, which has allowed a trim less harsh and therefore more comfortable on the bumps. It is not a sport, obviously, but, thanks to the low centre of gravity, there is a whole other taste to the guide compared to the previous generation. And when you ask around, the three in-line replies with an acceleration of 0-100 km/h in 10 seconds and a half: a good two seconds less than before. Hybrid, now, does not mean you only attention to consumption, but also to be able to count on a driving pleasure before unknown. Of course, it remains the automatic transmission eCVT: in the acceleration decided the engine is positioned at a high speed, not proportional to the increase in speed, with sound monotonous, not particularly exciting. There is not to say, however, that this characteristic time is less obvious: it comes out more in aggressive driving and uphill.

Consumption are from his. The House declares an average of 27.7 km/liter. From the on-board computer, after this short trial in Belgium, I read 23 km/litre, but as soon as we will have on our track we will see how much we consume really.For duty of chronicle, it is good to remember that in range there is only the hybrid version, but also that of the gasoline with the 1,000 from 72 HP, diesel, as you know it disappeared from the price lists Toyota in one piece. Four of the preparations: the Active, Trend, Lounge, Style, and Premiere; nine colors. Interesting the Toyota Hybrid Bonus that lowers the price of attack 18.300 euro. To give you an idea, the Trend, the most sold in Italy, with a layout of the already very rich, which counts on the rims alloy 16″, digital instruments, electrical windows and rear headlights full led, you can put it in the garage with 19,000 euro.

Source: Quattroruote.en – Edited by Anthon K.