Audi vs Alfa Romeo: you ingarellano, but the challenge between RS3 and the Stelvio goes bad [VIDEO]

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It is the eternal challenge-the-art engine that offers, Italian against German, but this time on a road open to the traffic and at night. With serious risks for all, and above all, for those who do not have anything to do, and will not share the road for a racetrack. At the end to lose are only the occupants of the Audi RS3 and the Alpha of the Romanian Stelvio (and one of the two cars) are the protagonists of this video, which descend unharmed from the passenger, but likely will have trouble with the authorities. Images filmed from the dashcam of a third car, and you go back a few months ago, even if they have become viral on social media and on Youtube it is only in these hours. In the movie the two cars in the full ingarellamento overtake at great speed, the car is equipped with a camera that loses its view for a fraction of a second. Just in time to see the Audi crashing a few yards ahead and the Stelvio to brake sharply to avoid to finish against.