Departures, intelligent travel with children

LIVELY BUT TO PROTECT – The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to prepare for the trip. Here are some useful tips to make the journey more safe and comfortable for the little ones. The first thing to remember is the use of the seat, which is required by law and also by common sense: the children are lower than 150 cm are too small for the seat belts, and have, therefore, a need for restraint systems and booster seats specific. Today there are two european homologations: the un ECE R44 and the newer R129 (i-Size). The second considers the height of the child instead of the weight and provides a test for side impact as well as the front one.

THE CAR SEAT? A HABIT – Differences even for the very small: the transport rear facing , and is compulsory for those weighing less than 9 kg (R44), or up to 15 months for the most recent regulations. Also, the “increases” are of two types: by 2017 they should also have a backrest and the advice is to always buy certified products according to the current norms. In this sense, we can not support the purchase of child car seats with antiabbandono , or a device that has the same function to be applied to existing ones. The use of these devices should be a habit: if children do not consider it to be normal and taken for granted, even for short daily routes will not be easy to convince them to use them for the long hours of travel.

SHIELD THE SUN – another thing to think about is to protect children from the rays of the sun. The glass athermic cars filter out the infrared radiation, limiting heat transmission in the passenger compartment, but the delicate skin of children may be in need of additional protection. The automotive films absorb a lot of ultraviolet rays of the Sun and, in this sense, they behave better than dark glasses of the series. Those who do not want to apply the film (the rules of the prohibit on the windshield and front windows), you can contact the sun visors. These, if well made, eliminate in practice the ultraviolet rays the solar and present themselves in various forms. The blinds, shutters require a fixed installation while those stickers are very thin and allow the normal movement of the glass. In case there are children on board that are perhaps the most referred to as mounting the suction cup because if you are with fun colorful drawings of animals, cartoon characters and the like. Remember to verify that you can see from the outside: the flowing landscape that affects the small.

FIGHT BOREDOM – what and how to eat in the journey we have already written here , and we can remember the policy of eating light and avoiding, especially for the little ones, that too many liquids ristagnino in the stomach: sickness is always lurking. In addition to the nausea, there is, however, a traveling companion just as unwelcome to the children: the boredom. The parents, and the larger, in general, can do much to minimise, for example, sitting at the side of the smaller on the back seat: the impact of the “taxi” we bear willingly in the name of a trip more comfortable. Some basic criteria are the avoidance of overnight trips, and those at risk for bottling in traffic or situations that can “stranire” small. It is important to schedule breaks and, at the same time, be ready to change the program to distract the little ones entertained. The stops can be used for motion games, small rides, jumps and the like, and is, therefore, important to stop in a green area or kitchen.

Anchors aweigh – Profit is to bring favourite games of the child: the doll, a pet, or cartoon character as long as not removable in small pieces: look for them all around the car is nerve-wracking. For larger smartphone and tablet are mandatory. Also the music, and perhaps sing in the choir, can pass the time more quickly. To avoid listening to the same songs too many times might be useful in the headphones, also suitable for the vision of the cartoons on the tablet.
Older children can be involved in games with the colors of the other machines, the plates, the shape of the clouds: the imagination is important to them. If the child knows how to read, you can do the game of the explorer, asking the passenger to find, on a map, the next city that you will meet or the name of the river that is just past. “Preparing” for the time you will be able to speak of the place to which you are traveling, telling the older kids, and information on what there is to see and do.

HOT AND COLD – now let’s See how to dress the little ones in the summer, the situation in which the lightness is a must. The infants will travel well with rompers, or overalls of cotton. Older children will be good with t-shirt and shorts or leggings (for girls). The air conditioning of the car will be set to “good” but you can not count on the same good sense to the restaurant or to autogrill: we prepare and then a sweatshirt or a sweater, light (hat and socks for infants) to deal with temperatures that are too low.